Believe it or not, even people who live permanently along the Emerald Coast need to get away once in a while. Sure, living along the beautiful beaches of South Walton is a privilege and a dream come true, but 30A locals are just like anyone else – sometimes you just need to skip town for the weekend and abandon all responsibility, at least for a few days. If you already live in paradise though, where are the closest getaway spots? Let us tell you a little bit about Cape San Blas and also offer a few other nearby suggestions.


Cape San Blas, FL

If you are looking for a quiet weekend where you can still spend your days on the beach and enjoy the luxury of privacy at the same time, Cape San Blas is just the place!


The Roaroadtrip02d Trip

Located about an hour or so east of Panama City, Cape San Blas is a hop, skip and jump from 30A, and it’s basically a straight shot. So, turn up your road trip mix and enjoy the ride – you’ll be there before you know it!



The Perks

There are a lot of fun things to do in this area, but here are a few of our favorite perks.

  • Cape San Blas is the home of the Apalachicola oysters – when in Rome, right?
  • Speaking of oysters, the Indian Pass Raw Bar is a MUST on your Cape San Blas getaway ‘to do’ list. Just take our word for it and you won’t be disappointed.
  • How would you like to basically have the whole beach to yourself? The beaches in Cape San Blas are rarely (if ever) crowded. Just you, a beach breeze and the sounds of the ocean – yes, please!
  • Bring your dog along, no permit required. Cape San Blas is known around the country for its dog-friendly beaches. You can even pick up a t-shirt at the Cape Trading Post that reads, “My dog dogandhorsesdigs Cape San Blas, FL.”
  • Exploring the downtown area of Port St. Joe will be a highlight of your trip. The historical district will have you dreaming of the simpler Mayberry days and admiring the ‘mom and pop’ feel of all the unique establishments.
  • Do you or anyone in your family enjoy fishing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Cape San Blas is known for its fishing as well as unique sea mammal sightings.
  • Home to the Annual Scallop festival, scalloping in Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas is like no other.
  • How does horseback riding on the beach sound? Visitors list this as one of the favorites among the Cape San Blas perks.
  • Want to know one of our favorite perks of weekend getaways when you already live in paradise? Coming back home, of course!


Future Getaway Spotlights




New Orleans, LA

A world of difference from Cape San Blas, but still a short distance and a guaranteed good time.

Fairhope, AL

I challenge anyone to take a road trip to this southern town and NOT fall madly in love with its charm.

Fort Morgan, AL

For when you need a beach vacation from your permanent beach vacation – think historic 30A and then picture yourself on a quiet beach with your toes in the sand. Sign me up!

Do you have any favorite weekend getaway spots that you would like to for us to spotlight? We would love to hear from you!


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