frozen-treat-6When the summer sun starts climbing in the sky and taking temperatures along with it, the only thing you can do to stay cool is grab an icy treat. Chill out at any one of these 30A favorite haunts and try the locally prepared ice cream, pep up with a frozen coffee, or take it easy with an iced cocktail.

When the June sun is high in the sky over the Florida Gulf Coast, it can be pretty hot outside, and while the emerald coast’s 30A is a chill place to hang out, the only way to chill in June is with something ice cold or frozen;thus, whether your taste is for ice cream, frozen coffee, or something a little stronger, 30A has you covered.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream Undoubtedly, the best place for ice cream on the east end of 30A is at the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery.  The old-fashioned style ice cream parlor is part hip, part old fashioned.  It’s all original and the quality of its creamy goodies speak for themselves in the form of the long lines that form out of the restaurant on steamy summer evenings.

Dawson’s Yogurt in Seaside andOrange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Seacrest are also delicious ways to “chill” if you are looking for a treat and aren’t in Blue Mountain Beach.

Frozen Coffee Fix
Sometimes, a little sugar rush isn’t enough, and you need a little caffeine.  For those times, Sunrise Coffee Co. in Santa Rosa Beach just a short ways from Vue on 30A is a rich, savory frozen coffee experience.  How they get the warmth and comfort of a cup of coffee into a frozen drink is beyond me, but I’m glad they figured it out!

Adult-Only Chills

There are many, many great places on 30A for a good drink on the rocks.  In fact, there are many places on 30A that have created their own signature cocktails in honor of the famed Emerald Coast frozen-treat-69highway; however, my favorite place for a drink on 30A has to be The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside.  Their selection of nine different fruity flavored mojitos is summer’s song to my ears.

So, when it gets hot on 30A, take time to chill (30A is too cool to sweat the small stuff) with a delicious homemade ice cream in Blue Mountain Beach, revive with a frozen coffee in Santa Rosa Beach, or play it cool with a minty iced mojito in the fruity flavor of your choosing.  Cheers and chills, 30A!

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