Everyone has a different idea of what a great night out means, which is why 30A is always the place to be. From jazz bars to piano bars to dance clubs, 30A has the night out every Spring Breaker has been dreaming of.

It’s Spring Break, and you’ve officially escaped.  You’re at the beach.  You’re toe-deep in the pillow-soft sands of 30A.  The air all around you is intoxicatingly warm and salty.  You can practically feel something in the air.  The sky is pink; it’s dusk.  You’re ready for anything.  Where to?

Ah, where to?  The age-old question.  You want to continue feeling the euphoria you’ve felt playing along the turquoise shores of 30A all day, but now it’s night time, and whether the name of your game is a glass of wine at a comfortable, locals-only kind of venue or a rousing night of karaoke (spectator or participant-style), you have no idea where to go.  Well, worry no more as we have your 30A Spring Break steppin’ out needs handled.

stepping-out2The Red Bar – Grayton Beach

If you’ve never been to the hip Grayton Beach, then imagine sandy shores where all of the cool kids hang out.  Artsy, eclectic, DIY types flourish in Grayton’s laid back cultural climate.  The hangout that captures that ambiance perfectly is Grayton’s own The Red Bar where there’s food and fun almost every night of the week.

For those who are cruising 30A, here are some perks:

  • Proximity: The Red Bar is practically a stone’s throw from Panama City and Destin beaches making it a fantastic “get out of town” kind of place for those traveling to more conventional destinations.
  • Food: Nothing helps you make it through the night like a hearty stick-to-your-ribs southern meal.
  • Music: We mentioned this place was hip – the nightly accompaniment is almost always the Red Bar Jazz Band, so if you’re a jazz-hound, this Grayton Beach hangout is the place to go.

Dueling Pianos at Rum Runners – Baytowne Wharfstepping-out4

Equally as awesome as the jazz riffs of the artist who frequent the Red Bar in Grayton Beach are the mad talents who tickle the ivories at Rum Runners dueling pianos bar at Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin, FL.  Pianists duel Wednesday through Saturday night, and they encourage lively crowds.

If you’re still skeptical about the fun of a night at a dueling pianos venue, then keep in mind that most of the tunes performed are those that the majority of us are familiar with.  So, the real question is whether or not you’ve belted an Elton John single at the top of your voice lately.  If the answer is no, head to Rum Runners immediately; do not pass Go; do not collect $200 (or do, so you can tip the bartender).

Redd’s Refueling Station – Santa Rosa Beach

So, it’s Spring Break and you’re looking for something atypical.  If this is you, then look no further than Redd’s Fueling Station on 30A.  Known was home of the singing bartender, Redd’s is a place to get stepping-out3fuel and food.  They say that because Redd’s is a venue for getting a great quality meal in Santa Rosa Beach as well as some equally delightful entertainment.

After a delightful dinner, check out the show.  Make a night of it every night of the week (Tuesday thought Sunday). And, if you’re feeling extra frisky, check out Redd’s Open Mic Night on Wednesday nights where the world dances to your tune.

In all seriousness, there’s something great going on every night on 30A….whether it’s a great jazz band or an opportunity to create your own music.  If you’re visiting 30A on Spring Break, make sure to check out the many amazing ways to enjoy 30A.

There’s no break like Spring Break, which is why the bars and restaurants of 30A offer something for everyone. Whether you are a local, an aspiring local, or a visitor, feel free to sink your feet into powdery sugar white sand every day of the week –that’s what 30A is all about, and when it comes to 30A, there’s no one more in the know than local real estate expert, Melissa Clements. Trust Melissa to be your vacation and relocation specialist.