Like 30A itself, the Emerald Coast highway’s community nightlife hotspots are quirky, fun, and appealing no matter how old you are. There are tiki bars for dancing, secret lounges for indulging in sophisnightlife-2ticated cocktails, and rooftop hangouts that are beach chic at its best.

One of the most delightful things about 30A is how it looks like a charming old-fashioned beach town at a glance, but once you look closer, it’s a vibrant, exciting, charismatic place to live and play.  Running the Emerald Coast span between Destin and Panama City Beach, there are lots of typical places where visitors and locals can go for a night out (music, drink specials, etc.), but between those (albeit fun) places on 30A are a handful of unique, special places to head for a night on the town.

While some of 30A standout nightlife spots (like Redd’s Fueling Station in Blue Mountain Beach) are best-loved by locals and visitors alike, some of the most interesting and exciting are the ones that are –like everything 30A has to offer, hidden behind a façade of something much more sedate.

Tiki Fun in Grayton Beach

Pandora’s Steakhouse & Lounge in Grayton Beach is a place you  can go to for a delicious, sophisticated steak dinner followed by a round of cocktails in the classic lounge, or you can skip past nightlife-3that and headto the 30A Special Bar for a dressed-down night of fun. From 5:00 p.m. and after, drinks are served from the 30A Special’s full bar on the tiki patio. Life music keeps everyone on their feet, dancing the night way.

With the option for a full dinner, sophisticated cocktails, or a beachy tiki dance party, Pandora’s Steakhouse lives up to it’s name offering is a fully-loaded night out all by itself.

A Laid Back Night Out at The Back Bar

nightlife-4The Back Bar at Bijoux Bistro in Sandestin has the kind of quiet privacy of a speakeasy as in if you don’t know that it’s there, you probably won’t notice it.

Located just off the restrooms at the Bijoux Bistro, The Back Bar makes you feel like you’re at a chic private party where the cocktails are simply fantastic.  You feel sophisticated as you lounge around, conversing with friend, not shouting over loud music.  Not to worry, if a night on the town isn’t complete with shouting over music, just head to nearby Rum Runners after The Back Bar to remedy that feeling.

Living Like a Rockstar at The Pearl Hotel

Havana Beach’s Rooftop Lounge at The Pearl in Rosemary Beach has the same exclusive, glamorous appeal of The Back Bar, but it takes it to a Sunset Boulevard / music video kind of level.  nightlife-5Overlooking the pool, the moony bar allows you to kick back in a cabana or at the bar while snacking on tapas and sipping bubbly. Not only will you know you’re at the beach in this setting, you’ll feel like you’re a VIP at an exclusive soiree while you’re at it.

The best part about Havana Beach’s Rooftop Lounge, The Back Bar, and the 30A Special Bar at Pandora’s is that they offer a memorable night on the town for 30A lovers of all ages.

Beautiful like a painting and surreal like a work of fiction are the idyllic communities of 30A. Located along the Florida emerald Gulf Coast, 30A is a charming network of picturesque beach cottages, locally owned shops, and sugar white sand beaches. Living on 30A is like calling the pages of your favorite book ‘home.’ Contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and make the blushing 30A sunset your somewhere over the rainbow and live happily every after.