Keeping your vacation property occupied year round can sometimes seem like a challenge because the great off-season deals offered by other properties and hotels can be hard to beat; however, by implementing these clever ideas you’ll have guests lined up to occupy your property during the off season.

Offer an Off-Season Special
If you are contacted regarding your vacation home for the next peak season, offer them a special for the off-season.  To get an idea of what kind of offer is bringing in renters, check out what other rental properties are offering and match that price or shoot for a lower price.

Make Your Home Baby and Toddler Friendlydad-1349427_1920

In a lot of cases, people with very young children like to travel during the off-season. You can appeal to these people by stocking your place full of baby and toddler gear. Baby-proofing your home with safety locks on cabinets and toilets and covering all outlets with outlet covers.

Reduce Your Minimum Stay

Consider adjusting the days of your required minimum stay. Shorter minimum stays will also mean lower prices, and this will attract bargain hunters who need a quick vacation. During the off-season, most people are looking for places closer to home and for shorter getaways.

Try an Add-on or Two

If your vacation property is considered a “summer spot”, additions like a hot tub, sauna, or vent-less gas fireplace, can make a world of difference. The upgrades may be pricey, but you’ll see how quickly they pay off with the increase of off-season bookings.

Warm It Up

Turning up the thermostat before guests arrive will give them an instant feeling of comfort. “It’s vital that a house be warm,” says David Peterson of Synergy Staging in Portland, OR., but “not too warm that people have to peel off all their clothes, but definitely not so cold that they want to get out as fast as possible.”

Offer Free Passes or Gift Cards

bucket-1005891_1920If your property has a water park close by or popular restaurant, offer a couple of free passes or gift cards. This will reach a larger audience that might be interested in the surrounding attractions in your real estate’s area.

Advertise Five-Star Service

Even though you can’t be their when your guests arrive make sure that they have everything they need. Advertising to meet the needs of potential renters will enhance the appeal. A large fruit basket, beach supplies, and small touches like spare toothbrushes will make for a memorable stay.

Provide Extra Supplies

You never know what could happen when you’re not there. Leaving emergency supplies like snow shovels, candles, extra blankets, and batteries will make your guests feel safe and secure. The added layers of security will also allow you to feel comfortable with renters being on your property in the case of an emergency. Also keep in mind that houses that are empty for long stretches of time are subject to problems (houses in freezing climates are especially susceptible), so make sure to address these to avoid later issues.

By making sure your vacation home is in working order year-round and by adding interest by offering incentives like price cuts, shorter stays, and gift card, you can guarantee your vacation home will be as full during the off-season as it is during peak season.

A rental property down 30A can be a dream come true for vacation renters. With hundreds of tourists visiting the South Walton area during the off season, the payoff can be immense. Call Melissa Clements to handle all of your rental property needs.