As rental season fast approaches, it’s time to get your vacation property rental-ready. Even if you already have a season of guests lined up, you want to take important steps to ensure they have a fantastic stay (those reviews they leave = next-year’s revenue), so completing these tweaks will pay off in the long-run.

Start by Sprucing up the Outdoors

As you get your property ready for rental season, it’s important to remember guests will enjoy your property inside and out. Make sure everything on the property’s exterior is in good repair. Touch up paint (or repaint as needed), plant new perennials, and tidy the lawn.

Clean lawn and patio furniture as well.

  • Spruce up any wooden furniture with Murphy’s Oil.
  • Touch up paint on furniture (or repaint it all together).
  • Replace decorative cushions and –if needed—sitting cushions as well.
  • Power wash decking and replace damaged wood as needed.

You’ll also want to check lights and lanterns to ensure they’re working and clean. Renters at the beach like to spend a lot of time outside, so you’ll want to ensure that space is just as livable as the indoors.

Deep Clean the Space

The slightest sign of mold, staleness, or dirt, and you’re in big trouble. Hire a professional cleaning company (if you’re not up for the job) to come in and do a deep clean. Have them remove dust from all surfaces, polish windows, clean floors, freshen bathrooms so that the property is as close to immaculate as the day it was first sold.

Update Linens and Pillows

It might seem frivolous to replace linens and refresh pillows every season, but not only do styles change, but after so many washes, linens lose their luster. You want your guests to feel luxurious and special in your space, so pay a little extra and update the linens and pillows.

The same goes for towels and washcloths. Nothing ruins the allure of a luxurious vacation faster than frayed bath linens. Consequently, nothing ruins your chances faster of a repeat visit.

Replace Damaged or Outdated Furniture and Appliances

Check couches, mattresses, televisions, area rugs, etc. to make sure that nothing is frayed, worn, overused, or dated. If it is, replace it. The same goes for your kitchen supplies and appliances. Rusted pots and pans and kitchen gear should be replaced before new renters come in. Guests notice these things more than you think.

Stock up on Essentials

Speaking of little things, having everyday essentials on hand make a big difference to renters. No one wants to start their vacation making a run to the store for essentials like garbage bags, hand soap (avoid bar soap), dish soap, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, back-up toothbrushes and mini toothpastes, indoor and outdoor dining utensils, basic condiments like ketchup and mustard, etc. Do a sweep of the entire house to ensure that everything a person could possibly need to live comfortably is on hand and –in the case of condiments and food items—new. Between guests, refill soaps or replace miniature shampoos, conditioners, etc.

These are the little things that guests notice and take into consideration when they leave reviews and plan a repeat visit. Sure, having a rental property with an awesome location and great views helps, but when you cover the details and fully furnish and refresh your rental home, you make the stay picture-perfect.

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