With million dollar beach houses, condominiums, and beach cottages, there’s no doubt that life on 30A is luxurious; however, it’s the things that cannot be brought that make 30A living truly luxe including the nature, the community support, and the quiet seclusion of life on 30A.

Luxury Living is about More than Money

From an outsider’s standpoint, luxury living is all about money –a person has to be rich to be able to afford to (insert luxury pursuit here).  What’s problematic with this line of logic is that the term rich is subjluxe4ective; further, it sometimes implies frivolity when in fact those who live a “rich” or luxurious lifestyle are not, in fact, frivolous (nor are they tucking themselves into bed at night under comforters stuffed with hundred dollar bills).

Luxe Living is more about the Florida Gulf Coast lifestyle; it’s about the ability and the determination to take the extra time out of each day to appreciate the beauty of one’s life and one’s environment (no matter where that is) and to consider one’s self rich as a result.

Thus, it would be obvious to point out that resplendent ocean views, charming, perfectly designed beach houses, and upscale commodities are what designates 30A as luxe (or luxury) living; however, there’s more to it than that.

You’re in Nature’s Playground

One of the main reasons 30A is such a rarity amorsz_luxe3ng luxury communities is that it actively preserves the surrounding nature.  Though 30A beaches are publically accessible, the majority of beaches are only available to private property owners or to renters of private properties.  The result of this is a sense of personal accountability when residing on 30A; each person feels responsible for keeping the beaches and the community clean and free of litter.

In addition to clean beaches, 30A is connected through nature trails and pathways; there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and hiking and biking along the way.  Additionally, the Florida panhandle stretch of 30A is home to rare coastal dune lakes; the only others in the world are located in Africa.  Visually stunning, the coastal dune lakes serve as a quiet reminder to visitors and locals alike the rare gift that is nature, and on 30A, its preservation is treated as a luxury and as an honor.

The Community Support is Unbeatable

It might take newcomers to 30A a moment or two to put their fingers on it, but quickly they realize that there are no commercial retailors of food service providers on 30A; everything is local.  Each restaurant is independently owned anluxe6d thus has its own charming, intimate story that is part of the community tapestry.

There are no Starbucks’ on 30A, but with fine purveyors like Amavida Coffee, a fair trade coffee shop in Seaside, they aren’t missed.  For example, Amavida Coffee prides itself on conducing fair trade with organic farmers around the world; they are also active participants in On the Ground, a global farming community sustainability charity.

The individual stories of the shops, restaurants, and artisans making a living along 30A are inspirational and rare.  They, like the nature that abounds in 30A, add a quality that cannot be found on a commercial strip of highway; they are luxuries that have no dollar signs.

It’s Unpretentious and Laidback Living Despite Its Quality

Ultimately, it’s the lack of dollar signs on 30A that make it luxe living.  Residents are charming and friendly; they are welcoming and helpful.  They are also willing to lend a hand.  30A dwellers luxe8embrace local farmers; they patronize local restaurants.  They are more than happy to give new residents and visitors advice on getting around on 30A.

30A residents have the luxury of being themselves without the trappings typically affiliated with living amongst the wealthy and among celebrities (30A is a frequent vacation destination for internationally-celebrated singers, actors and actresses, authors, athletes, etc.). Thus, the true luxe living of 30A is the invaluable ability to enjoy a quiet, quality beach lifestyle in an idyllic community against a picturesque oceanfront setting.

With powdery-soft white sand beaches and crashing turquoise ocean waves, 30A coastal living is a little slice of heaven. There’s nothing more wonderful or relaxing than the 30A beach lifestyle. For those who want to make getaway living every day living, contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and find the right 30A community and home to make those beach-front dreams come true.