Whether you are creating an online real estate listing, or getting ready to show a home that is for sale, first impressions are everything. In order to give potential buyers the best possible first impression, you must put in the work necessary to make a home visually appealing – in person as well as online. Potential buyers are not going to respond well to poor quality of photos on an online MLS listing, or to walking into a home full of clutter and bad lighting. Let’s talk about some ways that you can improve the visual appeal of a real estate listing before posting it online or scheduling a showing.


camera1Making the Most of an MLS Listing

Creating an MLS listing should require just as much work and careful consideration as preparing for a showing. There are certain, very important key ingredients to making an MLS listing that will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Consider these important factors before posting your next MLS listing –


  • Photography is EVERYTHING! There is nothing worse than an MLS listing of a home, with either slim to no photos or photos of very poor quality. This is likely the first thing that a potential buyer is going to look at (after the price, of course) when viewing your MLS listing. Some things to consider –
    • Lighting – Choose a time of day that provides as much natural lighting as possible to take your photos. This will be most appealing to potential buyers.
    • Quantity – Potential buyers want to get a feel for the entire home – inside and out. If they aren’t getting it they are likely to move on to another listing in their search.
    • Quality – You want your photos to have a clean and ‘homey’ feel.

Photography not your strong suit? Invest in the help of a local photographer, or maybe even a friend or colleague with more of an artistic eye behind the camera.

  • Use wording that reads eloquently and is visually appealing. Aside from the photos, the description of a MLS listing comes in a close second for importance. writing
    You want your description todraw a potential buyer in as they are reading it. Example –

    • This quaint and spacious 4 bedroom/3 bath home has a bright and open feel, and is nestled in a friendly neighborhood that offers prime location and southern charm. That sounds nice, right? That makes me want to go out and find that exact home, right now!


PrepaPreparing-Your-Home-for-a-Salering a Home for Showing

Depending on the home, preparing for a showing can mean a lot of hard work, but all of that hard work pays off when that first potential buyer walks in the home and can envision themselves spending a life there. That is the goal – for buyers to walk through the home and be able see themselves there. How do you accomplish that?

  • Again, lighting is very important. Open the shades and sweep the drapes to the sides to allow as much natural light into the home as possible. This provides that bright and open feel.
  • Clean up the outside of the home. Does the grass need mowing or the shrubs need trimming? Take care of all of those things to give the outside of your home a clean and polished feel.
  • De-clutter the inside of the home. You want the inside of the home to have a clean and simple feel. Too many personal items can be distracting, so keep those to a minimum for showings.
  • Add special touches to the home. Fresh flowers are always a good idea to display in your home for a showing. Maybe a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter.
  • Treat visitors as guests in your home. Brew some fresh coffee or have some freshly baked cookies in the kitchen. Buyers will appreciate the treat and the pleasant aroma will provide a homey feel.


Are you ready to put your home on the market, but you want to invest in the help of a professional to help you give potential buyers the best possible first impression? Melissa Clements has years of experience in selling all types of real estate along the Emerald Coast, and she knows how to make your home visually appealing to potential buyers. Give her a call today!