30A home déco30a-decor-1r style is as unique and eclectic as the communities that inspire it. Bringing 30A style into your home is a great way to not only capture the way 30A makes you feel but also to have a beautiful, modern hope resplendent with classic southern charm. To perfectly achieve this look, there are several shops on 30A that specialize in home décor.

Defining 30A Style There’s no one adjective that effectively defines the intertwined style and culture of 30A; eclectic or even eccentric, perhaps, come close, but there isn’t one.  30A’s culture, which is reflected in its style is tacit to all of the senses.  In decorating terms, it’s vintage, distressed, modern, classic, and timeless all at once.  It’s the humble odd piece amidst a room of equally stunning and unique pieces, the pop of yellow in an immaculate homage to Payne’s Gray.

It’s your grandmother’s childhood kitchen in a William Sonoma catalogue designed by Southern Living.  That’s it.  That’s 30A style.

Where to Find 30A Home Décor on 30A

More than beach style and distinct from other equally beautiful beach communities, like Cape Cod or the Hamptons, the best way to incorporate true 30A style into your décor is with pieces found on 30A.  These local shops sell things from large furniture pieces to local art to accents to quirky odds and ends (like that random burst of yellow).30a-decor-4

For further inspiration of 30A style, look no further than the beautiful coffee table tome, 30A Style, by Eleanor Lynne Nesmith and Jean Allsopp (photographer).

How to Incorporate 30A into Your Style

20140129200648113719000000-o[1]When you are incorporating 30A style into your home, you want to remember that less can be more.  In other words, you don’t want to overburden your space with too many statement pieces nor do you want to clutter it with too many busy pieces.  That said, another facet of 30A style is that a space not be too bare as 30A style is as comforting and cozy as it is elegant.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Use natural or real materials (wood, stone, quartz, slate, metal, etc.)
  • Blend old and new
  • Use cool, soothing hues inspired by the the Florida Emerald Gulf Coast
  • Emphasize windows and natural lighting
  • Let your favorite community inspire your design choices

30A is a blend of communities, each coexisting in harmony.  The style inspired by 30A should be and do the same.  It should be a wedding of old, new, coastal green and ocean blue.  Most of all, your 30A décor should remind you of 30A, and it should make you feel the way you feel when you’re standing in the sand at Rosemary Beach at sunset, watching the waves roll in while the wind whips your hair, and you have nothing better to do than be part of that moment.

Beautiful like a painting and surreal like a work of fiction are the idyllic communities of 30A. Located along the Florida emerald Gulf Coast, 30A is a charming network of picturesque beach cottages, locally owned shops, and sugar white sand beaches. Living on 30A is like calling the pages of your favorite book ‘home.’ Contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and make the blushing 30A sunset your somewhere over the rainbow and live happily every after.