For most real estate agents, personable, face-to-face interaction comes natural – it’s what makes them good at what they do. Real estate agents are good at connecting with their clients on a more personal level, while still maintaining a healthy level of professionalism – they generally do not need much help in that area. However, how good are you at connecting with your clients online and expanding your audience to further your business? Right – just as I suspected. While discussing all of the social media channels separately and all at once can seem a bit overwhelming, today our focus will simply be on social media in general and how it can help real estate agents to expand their business.


  1. Connecting online is becoming equally as important as connecting in person. While face-to-face connections are still extremely important in the real estate business, connecting online through social media can help to facilitate and further your connections, as well as allow you to connect with a larger audience.
  2. Social media allows you to openly express your passion and broad knowledge base for real estate. One of the many benefits of setting up a business page on social media platforms, is that you can share your knowledge without it seeming like you are tooting your own horn.
    • Creating a blog and sharing your posts is always a good idea – it is important for your audience to see that you know your stuff and you can provide the knowledge and resources that they need to find the perfect home.
    • Another good idea is sharing outside information or articles that you think would be useful to your audience – this will show potential clients that you are actively working to provide them with useful information, even if it comes from an outside source.
  3. Post about positive news and events in your community. This is a great advantage of social media for more than one reason.
    • When you post about events or activities happening in your area, it shows your potential clients that you are active and acquainted in your community, which helps them to get to know you on a more personal level.
    • Attract potential buyers to your area by ‘talking up’ your community, so to speak. Social media allows you to reach audiences outside of your area, so give them a reason to consider a home in your community.
    • Post about up and coming real estate developments that are in the works in your area. This will show potential buyers that you are a good inside source to get prime real estate while it’s hot!
  4. Interact and follow up with current and past clients. Social media is a good way to highlight the positive relationships that you form with your clients – with respect to their img-SocialMedia_CustAcqusitionpreferences, of course.
    • If your clients do not wish to have their names posted on social media, simply post a beautiful picture of the home that you just closed on, with a general caption welcoming the owners to their new home.
    • If your clients don’t mind being in the spotlight – post a picture of them standing in front of their new home, or feel free to get more creative or candid with it
    • Did you have a client who loved being in the spotlight? Do a follow-up story with them after spending the first year in their new home. People love a good follow up story!
    • How about that happy client that sent you a bouquet of flowers or sent over some delicious homemade goods? Post a heartfelt thank you on social media to show your appreciation – and show potential clients how lovable you are. {wink}


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