Selling property in the summer can be tough because many buyers have already purchased or reconciled themselves to waiting; however, the traffic along the Florida panhandle can work to a seller’s advantage during the summer provided the seller’s home is optimally prepared to be shown. It also helps when the seller is willing to throw a little southern hospitality into the bargain.

The Pros and Cons of Selling in Summer As many know, the majority of real estate sells during the springtime, so families can move during summer to be prepared to start anew with school and such in the fall.  Many sellers who don’t have offers in by the end of May start to despair because they feel their odds are out of favor when trying to sell during the summer months.

While in many communities, this is true, beachfront homeowners do have certain advantages when it comes to selling during the summer months.  Of course, despite the advantages, there are challenges as well.

Tips for Drawing in Summer Traffic

Exteroom-with-view1rior Décor Tips

One advantage selling beach real estate during the warmer months is that there is going to be more foot traffic in the community during that time.  During and after Spring Break, all through the summer, the population on the Florida panhandle all but explodes because of tourism.  On the plus, this means you are that much more likely to find a buyer.  Of course, detouring a traveler from his or her vacation plans to look at a house can be difficult.  Here are some tips if you want to reel in the tourists for a greater purpose:

  • Immaculate landscaping: Make your home look the best it ever has on the outside. Use colorful floral and foliage displays to make the home as eye-catching as possible. Never let your lawn be anything but perfection. Even people who are not looking will be drawn to a vivid, perfectly maintained yard.
  • Create an Ideal: Many move to the beach because they are looking for perfection. If you are selling, present your home in a way that would attract you. People who move to the beach are looking for laid-back Florida Gulf Coast lifestyle. Make sure you home exudes that kind of pleasurable ambiance.
  • Light the Home: Not everyone will see you real estate during the day, so make sure there’s plenty of lighting that makes the home look like a million bucks even at night. Further, sometimes, prospective homeowners will drive around in the evening (and they should) to see what they neighborhood is like at night. Don’t let the home fall flat due to poor spot lighting.

On the interior, the home should be staged and ready for viewings.  Additionally, you should be ready to move.  It is not unlikely that a buyer who approaches you during the summer will want you to be out earlier than the traditional grace periods allotted for real estate closings because they will want to get settled before the school year (provided they have children).

Summer Showing Hospitality Tips

When you do have an interested party during the summer, you want to make them feel right at home.  That means make sure that the air conditioner is keeping the home cooled (if you are no longer living in the home, ensure the air is turned on the night before because buyers will be concerned if they think there is a problem with the unit or with keeping the house cool).

Additionally, don’t be shy about laying on the southern hospitality.  Serve chilled drinks for guests to sip while they walk around inside and out.  As we all know, the Florida panhandle can get a tad sellbeachproperty02warm during the summer months, and guests might perspire a little.  An ice-cold glass of lemonade or an icy cup of tea with a twist of lemon and a sprig of mint will make them feel right at home.  More so, they can even envision themselves graciously hosting dinner parties under the pergola as they stand out there, chilled beverage in hand.

Creating an ideal and an atmosphere is a huge part of showing and selling.  If you are looking to move property on 30A or anywhere between Destin and Panama City during the summer, then be prepared to literally beat the heat.  Get your home in show-perfect condition, and invite buyers to make themselves at home.

Summers on 30A are the things dreams are made of, so if you’re planning to sell your home in the hopes of upgrading or moving to a different part of 30A, then you should be prepared to try to sell at any time of year. Thankfully, 30A is a great place to be year round; the Florida Gulf Coast is always a shimmering shade of emerald, and the sands are always softer and whiter than the sugar in your tea. If you’re thinking of selling and want help making a summer move, let local real estate expert, Melissa Clements, help you show and sell your home.