The couple that plays on 30A together, stays together. 30A is indeed a lovers’ paradise! The options are endless for romantic outings with your significant other. And there is something for every kind of couple here on 30A. Because let’s be honest – everyone’s idea of the perfect date is different. We’ve got some suggestions for romantic outings for every kind of couple to enjoy on 30A.

The Laid Back Coupleorange-1016132_1920

You know the type – the couple that seems to jive effortlessly in any given situation. This couple could enjoy themselves no matter what the plans are, but we still have some suggestions.

  1. Sunset on the beach – It doesn’t get more laid back than a blanket or a couple of chairs, you and your partner and a gorgeous 30A sunset.
  2. Outdoor movies and concerts – We all know that there is no shortage of these here on 30A. Pack a cooler, grab a blanket or some chairs and head to one of 30A’s popular amphitheaters for a movie or live music under the stars.
  3. Leisurely bike ride – 30A has a bike path that runs from beginning to end – all the way from Dune Allen to Rosemary Beach. Plan a day to hop on your bikes and enjoy the scenery, making a stop or two along the way for something delicious to eat or a cool beverage.

The Adventurous or Active Couple

Are you and your partner total thrill seekers? Or maybe your favorite activity involves anything to works up a sweat? 30A has plenty to offer to the adventurous and active couples.

  1. Hiking the local state parks – We have so many state parks at our disposal here on 30A and they all offer their own feel for adventure. Explore all that Mother Nature has to offer to our area by putting a visit to each state park on your bucket list of dates.
  2. toes-701179_1920Private yoga on the beach – For the active couple, few things could sound as romantic as a private yoga session right on the gulf – bonus points if it’s at sunset.
  3. Deep sea fishing adventure – Some of you may be thinking, “What’s romantic about fishing?” Well, for the adventurous couple, any exciting and adventurous activity sounds romantic. And what’s more exciting than reeling in the biggest catch of the day?

The Foodie Couple

There are few things more magical for a foodie than meeting another foodie and falling in love. It’s like the perfect pairing of filet mignon and cabernet. And 30A just happens to be both a lovers’ and a foodie’s paradise.

  1. Plan a progressive dinner – Talk about a mouth-watering romantic outing. Appetizers at his favorite restaurant, the main course at hers and a delicious dessert somewhere new – how does that sound?
  2. Hire a private chef – What’s not to love about a gourmet chef coming to your home, cooking you a delicious meal and pouring the perfect wine to accompany it? This will be a romantic night to remember.
  3. Take a cooking class – Learning something new with your significant other is always romantic. And for foodies, learning to cook a meal together takes romance to an entirely different level.couple-1236137_1280


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