Young buyers are often looking for neighborhoods with good schools, recreational amenities and a strong sense of community where they can establish their family. There are also certain décor features that typically attract younger buyers. As a real estate agent or as someone getting ready to sell their home, how can you appeal to the young buyers?


hometipsTips for Homeowners

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is a huge selling point for mostly all buyers, no matter their age. Young buyers who are looking to purchase their first home will want to see a kitchen with updated stainless steel appliances and attractive cabinetry. Investing in these updates will go a long way to appeal to the first time home buyer.


Add Color to Molding and Trim

One of the hottest trends in home décor and interior design is to get rid of the standard white trim and molding and add color to these areas. Neutral hues like grays and browns have universal appeal, or you can give your space a more contemporary look by adding black to these areas. Generally, you will want a more neutral color like a creamy beige on the walls when executing a look with colored trim.


Showcase Your Home’s Best Features

All buyers want to see a home that looks clean and bright, but younger buyers are particularly attracted to homes with plenty of natural light. Older homes sometimes have smaller windows and smaller rooms, but this can be improved by using brighter light bulbs, reconsidering window treatments and trimming back trees or shrubs that block natural light from peering through the windows. Let there be light!


Tips for Real Estate Agents

Market the Communitycommunity-marketing

The community that a home is in is just as important to young buyers as the home itself. Pick up brochures for local attractions or make your own list of great parks, playgrounds and walking trails. Provide contact information for local sports leagues or community groups that support the arts and be sure to highlight any block parties, local festivals and popular restaurants and nightlife options. These are all things that a potential young buyer may be looking for in a community.


Preparing-Your-Home-for-a-SaleYoung Buyer Checklist

Young buyers know what they want – they have been dreaming of their first home for longer than they can remember, and they expect their real estate agent to find a home that matches their dreams. Here are some things that may be included on a young buyer’s checklist –




  • Home office – Working from home is becoming more common every day for people of all ages, so there is a good chance you will find this on the checklist of a young buyer as well.
  • Updated Kitchen and Baths – It doesn’t have to be top end materials but it needs to be updated and CLEAN.
  • Open floor plan – Young buyers are typically looking for a home that has an open feel and is conducive to entertaining and casual living.
  • Technologically efficient – Chances are young buyers have all of the latest technological devices such as smartphones and tablets and will appreciate updated audio systems and even LED lighting.


With these tips in mind, homeowners and real estate agents will be ready for any young buyer who comes their way – give the buyers what they want!


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