The luxury home market is experiencing a boom this year for both buyers and sellers. There are certain home design features that can make your home stand out above the rest in the real estate market. 30A has such a large market for luxury homes, so if you are a buyer, you may want to be on the lookout for some of these luxury amenities, and if you are thinking of selling, you may want to consider upgrading your home to include some of these features.


Indoor Design Trends

Bright Whites:
Thewhiteandpastel upkeep may be a little intimidating, but who doesn’t love to walk into a home that is lit with white walls and bright features? This is a classic trend that typically will always be appealing in the luxury home market.


Pastel Colors: There is something about a luxury home on 30A that shines brightest when you sprinkle pastel colors into the design features. Key word being sprinkle – there is definitely such a thing as too much pastel in one room!




Plwindowsenty of Windows

Let there be light! This is also a classic trend and one of our favorites. People love natural lighting, especially at the beach. There is something inviting about walking into a home that is naturally lit by an abundance of windows, even more so for gulf front homes – because anything that provides natural light and enhances the view of the ocean is always going to be on trend.


showerLuxury Showers

This is a trend for obvious reasons – if stepping into your shower feels like a spa vacation, then you are doing something right. This has come to be something that people expect out of a luxury home.






Quarquartztz Countertops

Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are rising above the usual favorite, granite. They are known for their durability and scratch resistant features, and are also some of the most eye-catching.


Outdoor Design Trends

outdoortrendsPoolside Fire Pits
Because who doesn’t love to sit around the fire pit with good friends and family? These are a great bonus to add to the outdoor oasis of a luxury home, and it makes for a great spot to entertain your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen
A luxury home in the 30A community wouldn’t be complete without a great outdoor space for entertaining, and an outdoor kitchen provides just that! This is a great feature for family barbeques as well as upscale dinner parties.

Indoor Outdoor Flow
Everyone is loving this trend and there are some really creative ways to achieve this. Some ways to achieve this seamless flow would be the use of accordion or pocket doors, a large pivoting glass door, or even a floor to ceiling glass door. The options are endless and the result can be breathtaking.

Pools with a Natural Feel
So, you live at the beach and you have a pool? Life is grand for those who have that luxury. People are becoming more attracted to having a pool area that has the feel of an outdoor oasis, meaning they like for their pool to have a more natural look, almost resembling something similar to a spring.


Outdoor Showers

Toutdoorshowerhis is a feature that is perfect for luxury beach homes – as we all know, life gets a little sandy on 30A! It’s nice to have a quick and refreshing way to rinse the sand from your skin at the end of a perfect day on the beach!



Are you looking to buy a luxury home or think you are ready to sell your own? Melissa Clements is your go-to gal to get you started on the right track. Melissa knows luxury and she knows what the buyers want. Let her help you with your real estate needs – your 30A life of luxury awaits!