Giving back is not only good for your community, it’s good for the soul. We are so lucky here on the Emerald Coast to have so many big hearted non-profit organizations serving our area. However, the heartbeat of these organizations relies on the people of our community – without the hard work, helping hands and time served, the heart stops. Are you interested in giving back? Let’s shine a little light on a couple of our area’s charitable organizations.


small-shelter-houseShelter House: Domestic & Sexual Violence Center

If only we lived in a world where organizations like this were not needed, but unfortunately we don’t. Domestic and sexual violence are topics that we all wish that we didn’t have to think about, but these are very serious issues that most certainly exist right here in our own community. The work done by organizations like Shelter House not only changes lives, but more importantly, saves them.


Their Story

Shelter House is a non-profit organization that serves the victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Walton and Okaloosa counties. They succeed in providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment for all victims and survivors, and more importantly, they provide a safe environment.

Services Offered

  • The services provided by Shelter house include –
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Crisis counseling
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Transitional housing
  • Confidential shelter
  • Supportive services for family members of domestic and sexual violence victims

All of the services provided by Shelter House are free and confidential for victims.

How Can I Help?

There are a number of ways that you can lend a helping hand to the Shelter House. These types of organizations thrive off of the help of volunteers and donations.


Children’s Volunteer Health Networksmaller-childrens-volunteer

“Children’s Volunteer Health Network is a faith-based non-profit organization based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, that facilitates free, immediate medical, dental, vision and mental health care for uninsured and underinsured children in Okaloosa and Walton Counties.” –CVHN website

The goal of CVHN is to ensure that the children in our community are receiving the medical attention that they need and deserve, keeping them healthy and happy.

Their Story

It all began with a little boy with a crooked smile that touched the heart of founder, Tricia Carlisle-Northcutt. That little boy’s name was Tyler and he attended the outreach program that Tricia volunteered for at her church. Tricia describes Tyler as a funny little boy with great leadership potential, but his “jumbled mouth of teeth” caused him emotional pain. He was bullied and ridiculed which led to him having behavioral issues of his own. Tricia knew that Tyler {in addition to many other children just like him} needed to be helped, and “through a lot of prayer and research, the idea for Children’s Volunteer Health Network was born.”

How Can I Help?

There is a place for everyone when it comes to lending a helping hand to CVHN. Here are some ways that you can give back.

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