One of the most enjoyable times of day to spend on the Florida Gulf Coast is after the sun sets. Locals and visitors can DIY or hire a service to have a beach bonfire. Beach bonfires are fun, unique beach experiences and are a perfect way to make the most of one’s time on 30A.

30A Living 101: bonfire2Have a Beach Bonfire The quaint Florida panhandle stretch better known to all as 30A is the kind of place where memories are made.  It’s where life slows down, and travelers and locals kick off their sandals and stroll barefoot through the soft sand with little more care than a puppy at play.

One of the most relaxing times to spend on the beach on 30A is in the evening as the sun sets majestically over the emerald coastline casting amber hues across the waves.  With the sun is at rest, the air cools, making it a perfect time to indulge in the most idyllic of all beach activities: the beach bonfire.

Planning Ahead is a Must

Having a 30A bonfire is actually quite easy, but it’s fairly important that you plan ahead because there are two ways to go about it:bongfire3

  • DIY Bonfire: It’s perfectly fine for you to do all of your own bonfire setup and cleanup; however, a permit through the South Walton Fire District is required. The one-day permit is $50, which is comparatively affordable next to hiring a service; however, the luxury of not having cleanup and of having a professional on hand to assist with bonfire activities is well worth the additional money to most (particularly given that violating the guidelines for beach bonfires as outlined on the South Walton Fire District’s website is $200 for the first offense).
  • Hire a Service: As 30A author Susan Vallee points out, who wants to do all of the setup and cleanup of a bonfire when you can pay someone to do it for you? Given that local services handle everything (including the cleanup), their services may very well be worth your while. If you’re splitting the costs with a group, then it makes even more sense. Bonfire services include the permit bonfire5cost and run in the $350 plus price range depending on the service provider.
    While service costs may seem high, they include
    Setup and cleanup
    Seating (typically)

Grills, games, food, beverages, music, and other features are available from some service providers for an additional fee.  The entire experience –including the time of bonfire—is customizable for each group.

Where on 30A to Have a Bonfire

Regulations specify that bonfire locations must be 100 feet away from homes, 200 feet away from Sea Turtle nests, and 50 feet away from roads and cars as well as plant life.  The South Walton Fire District can abonefire5dvise on legal (and more importantly, illegal) areas for the bonfire.

If you hire a service, then it is their responsibility to designate a spot.  Three notable beach bonfire service providers on 30A are:

There are pros and cons to the service versus the DIY bonfire; the most important thing is to know that you can have one.  Life the 30A lifestyle, have the full 30A beach experience, and toast your time on the Florida Gulf Coast in the grandest of styles, with a beach bonfire!

With powdery-soft white sand beaches and crashing turquoise ocean waves, 30A coastal living is a little slice of heaven. There’s nothing more wonderful or relaxing than the 30A beach lifestyle. For those who want to make getaway living every day living, contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and find the right 30A community and home to make those beach-front dreams come true.