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Whether you are new to the Florida Gulf Coast or simply thinking of moving to the Florida Panhandle where the sun always shines, life on 30A affords a quality that can neither be bought nor found anywhere else.

It’s (Almost) Always Sunny on 30A

When tourists pack up and leave 30A at the end of the season, they look back over their shoulders and wonder what do the residents do all year when they (tourists) aren’t around? If asked, residents would be quick to explain that there is more to 30A than sugary white sand beaches and miles upon miles of sprawling, sparkling emerald coastline (though that is lovely as well). A few of the perks of home being at the beach are:

  • Summer Lasts Longer on 30A: In September, when temperatures drop north of the coast, residents of 30A still enjoy temperatures in the 70s, 80s, and (sometimes) higher. In November and December, temperatures begin to cool; winter highs for 30A can be anywhere from the 50s to the 70s, which means that comparatively, it never really is winter.
  • It’s Always Seafood Season: The south is finally getting much overdue attention for its ability to serve quality cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs. Though their offerings are by no means one dimensional, the chefs of 30A have unlimited quantities of fresh Florida seafood at their disposal and find ways to incorporate it into their cuisine year round (for example, shrimp dressing can be found at many a holiday table on the Florida Gulf Coast).
  • Produce is More Productive: Warm, sunny weather year-round means that tropical and exotic fruits and vegetables grow in abundance. Florida is known for citrus production (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits), but other fruits like pomegranates, persimmons, peaches, and plums also grow effortlessly here. While it stays warm enough for tropical fruits to flourish, it gets cool enough for seasonal greens like kale, spinach, and arugula to be plentiful in winter. 30A is a slice of heaven for anyone with a green thumb.

When you live on 30A, there is never a time of year where your flip flops shouldn’t be handy, and it will never be too cold for a stroll along picturesque streets, state park nature trails, or through the sand, which is why local activity on 30A most often involves convening outdoors.

Year Round Outdoor Living

Outdoor festivals and events dominate the 30A social scene, so whether it is the annual Seeing Red Wine Festival in Seaside in November or the 30A Wine Festival at Alys Beach in March, 30A events are almost always held outdoors.

In addition to food and wine festivals and art shows, from Sandestin to Santa Rosa Beach, 30A is home to some of the best golf in the world. Golfers play through year round while fishermen and hikers make the most of the beaches and state parks. Residents of 30A don’t know the meaning of the words “off season.”

Something for Everyone

Perhaps even more beautiful than the outdoor living 30A has to offer its residents are the community options. No matter if you reside in Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, Grayton Beach, or Watercolor, you’ll find each community has its own rhythm –and you’ll be guaranteed to find the one that resonates with you whether you crave the New Urbanism of Seaside or something further off the radar like Grayton.

Real estate in each of these towns varies from million dollar homes to more affordable options. If you are ready to pursue a life where it’s always sunny, the grass is greener, and outdoor living is a year-round pursuit, contact a 30A real estate agent today and start living the dream year round.


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