If you’re lucky enough to live on 30A, then you’re lucky enough in our opinion. There are so many different reasons to back this up, but one of the main reasons is that when you live on 30A, you are surrounded by good people. Regardless of how far east or west you live, we can just about guarantee that you’ve got some pretty cool neighbors somewhere nearby. So, what makes a 30A local such a good neighbor? Well, we’re glad you asked!


1.    If you can’t find your dog, he’s probably just down the street getting a belly rub.dog on the beach

If there’s one thing that we love about 30A locals it’s their love for dogs. 30A is an uber dog friendly community and a lot of locals don’t go anywhere without bringing their four-legged best friend along. There is something special about people who have a genuine love for dogs, don’t you think? So, imagine living in a community surrounded by dog people – that’s a dream come true for dog lovers!

2.    If you ever have to borrow any ingredients while cooking, chances are they are fresh and organic, straight from the nearest farmer’s market.

On any given day of the week 30A locals have access to a nearby farmer’s market where they can shop for the freshest fruits, vegetables and an assortment of other healthy foods. The crowds pile in early in the morning to wine glassesthese markets that are scattered along the length of 30A, supporting the local farmers and crafters in our area.

3.    9 out of 10 30A locals drink wine.

Ok, so that’s not actually accurate. Well, it might be accurate but we haven’t done the research. Our point is that if you’re neighborhood doesn’t already have an organized monthly (or maybe even weekly) wine drinking gathering, you could organize one and the majority of your neighborhood would want to join. I mean, what’s not to love about having a wine drinking buddy (or buddies) right down the street?

yoga4.    That same wine drinking buddy will likely help you burn the calories the following day.

Yoga on the green, anyone? 30A is a very active community for the most part. It’s rare to ever drive down any span of 30A and not pass multiple runners and/or bikers getting in their daily exercise. It can be quite motivating actually – anytime I’m feeling a lack of motivation to exercise, a quick drive down 30A will do the trick to get me in my running shoes. Having an exercise partner right in your own neighborhood can be all the motivation that you need to get on the right track!

5.    You’ll end up with a friend for life.

Collectively, the locals that live in the communities along 30A have an all-around friendly vibe. They’re laid back lovers of the beach who moved here in hopes of living the good and simple life and when people like that of the same spirit get together, that’s how lifetime friendships develop. So, what may start out as a friendly, neighborly relationship will likely turn into a lifelong bond with a dear friend. What can we say? That’s just how we roll here on 30A.


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