Tripping over your children or ironing your clothes in the closet may not be the only indicators it’s time to sell your home. Selling your home should be based on a variety of factors, which is why I’ve rounded up five tips on how to know when is the right time to sell your home.

Evaluate the Equity in Your Homedollar-1362244_1920

When you sell your home, the price should be enough to pay off your mortgage and related selling costs. Equity is the current value of your home minus any home loans. If you haven’t reached these goals, it might be better to wait until your home increases in value or you pay down the mortgage.

Consider all Variables

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you need to thoroughly understand every aspect of the process. Can you afford to move? Possible expenses include commission of your realtor, closing costs, and (if you plan to buy your next home) enough cash to make a down payment on your next home.

Family Changes

Your home should fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re downsizing because of an empty nest or upsizing because you’re bringing home a new baby, family change is a good sign it’s time to make that move.

living-room-421842_1920Finish Repairs

Are you ready to tackle those repairs you’ve been meaning to get around to? Any home projects or repairs need to be completed before placing your home on the market.


If you’re ready and willing to spend a few bucks to paint or to replace a table with a missing leg, then you’re ready to sell. Many realtors will suggest staging your home. Cleaning and decluttering your home will allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.


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