What’s great about the 4th of July holiday? Of course the best thing is the ability to celebrate our country’s freedom! That is truly what it’s all about. One of America’s biggest holidays – people all over the country celebrate with family cookouts, extravagant firework shows and all things red, white and blue. For business owners, big holidays equal big opportunities. Businesses can use these holidays to take advantage of local events or maybe even host a promotional event of their own. Here are some ways that you can promote your real estate business around the 4th of July holiday.


Take Advantage of Local Events

july business-2Chances are, your community will have local events scattered throughout the week leading up to the 4th of July holiday. This is a great chance for you to get out and mix and mingle with the members of your community.

  • Get creative and come up with some promotional goodies to hand out at these events, in keeping with the patriotic theme. Maybe a red, white and blue tumbler with your business emblem on it?
  • Be present at as many local events as possible – people are more likely to approach and engage with a familiar face.
  • If possible, set up a booth at local events to hand out your promotional and patriotic goods. People love a good freebie – especially if it’s something that they can use over the holiday weekend!

    july4 business-5Host an Event of Your Own

  • Host a 4th of July cookout at one of your community’s model homes, preferably in the week leading up to the holiday. Grill out burgers and hotdogs and bring your family along – people will respond well to seeing a more personable side of you. This type of event can be beneficial to your business in several ways –
  • The exposure of the community as well as the model home itself is the biggest benefit – allowing people to freely come and go as they please and tour the model home without having the pressure of a ‘guided tour.’
  • Providing potential clients with a casual, laid-back atmosphere, promotes easy conversation and eliminates the feel of a forced sales pitch.
  • Allowing others to observe you in your family environment will promote a connection on a more personal level and will leave a lasting impression on potential clients.
  • Showing your patriotic side is always a positive thing – show your community that you are proud to be an American!

    july 4 business-6Social Media is Your Golden Ticket
    Social media is one of a real estate agent’s most useful resources – and did we mention that it’s FREE? There are so many ways that a real estate agent can use social media to promote their business, and when there is a big holiday involved, the opportunities are endless! Let’s talk social media and discuss some ways that you can utilize it on this 4th of July.

  • Did somebody say giveaway? Organize a social media contest/giveaway this 4th of July and expand your audience. The best contests are the ones that require interaction from your audience – the more interaction, the more people your post will reach.
  • Post a lighthearted blog that links back to your website. People love to get those warm and fuzzy feelings and patriotism is a great place to start. Show your softer side this 4th of July.
  • Promote your 4th of July cookout on your social media sites to ensure a great turnout – you may want to post it a few times over the course of the week to maximize your audience reach.
  • Promote other 4th of July events in your community by sharing their event pages – what goes around comes around, and chances are they are likely to do the same for you in return to help promote your own events.

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