Though buyers are not requesting fully-equipped smart homes, the implementation of smart technologies is becoming increasingly important to today’s buyers, especially Millennials. Among the features buyers want, they want functional smart gadgets that monitor efficiency, cut costs, and facilitate convenient living.

Why Update with Smart Home Technologies? For those who choose to update their homes with them, smart home technologies afford a level of convenience through the ability to control varioursz_smarthouse9s property features such as thermostat, garage, blinds, sprinkler system, security alarm, camera, etc. via smart phone.

For property owners who are selling their homes, smart technologies are features that today’s buyers look for and even require. Millennials (a key demographic comprising those born between the early 1980s and the year 2000) are among the most prevalent groups buying property today, and they are reported 10 times more likely to consider a home that already has smart technology incorporated into it. Further, among Millennial buyers polled, as many as 70% feel it’s important that those technologies be operable from the property owner’s smart phone.

What Gadgetry is Most Attractive to Buyers?

The range of smart technologies available is staggering; innovations range from providing luxuries and creature comforts (such as the ability to turn on the shower and adjust the temperature from one’s phone) to insmarthome2creased security (for example, Martha Stewart has a drone for her property that she describes as being invaluable).

We are still not to a point where buyers seek fully-equipped smart homes; rather, they are looking for homes that have functional technologies incorporated. By functional technologies, we mean:

  • Provide energy savings
  • Enable remote access and control
  • Enhance security
  • Facilitate monitoring

Technologies that perform these functions are thermostats, lighting controls, security systems, video systems, and automation.  For property owners who either want to make their home more appealing to buyers or who want to make their home more comfortable and ergonomic, these five gadgets are top-rated for making a home smarter.

Thermostat Contsmarthome4rols: Start Nesting

The Nest Learning Thermostat is like a gateway smart technology.  It’s affordable ($250 at commercial retailers), and it’s extremely easy to install.  It connects to WiFi; it learns your patterns, and it can be controlled via an app on any WiFi-enabled device.

Easier Coming & Going: Chamberlain MyQ Garage

Chamberlain is the lsmarthome9eading household name in garage door technology, so it makes sense that their smart garage door opener is a leader among smart garage technologies.  Retailed for $130 (though available for less on sites like Amazon), the Chamberlain MyQ provides convenience and luxury as it enables you to:

  • Open and close the garage door from your smartphone
  • Check to see that you’ve closed the door
  • Know when the door is being opened or closed
  • (Coming soon) Open when it senses your vehicle’s approach and close once your vehicle is in the garage

The primary advantage is that the technology eliminates the need for separate remotes; further, it provides an easy way for children returning home from school to enter the house should they forget their key.

Never Lose Your Keys Again: Kwikset Kevo Powered by UniKeysmarthome5

Speaking of forgetting keys, another security convenience that is on 2015 smart technologies “it” lists is the Kwikset Kevo smart entry technology.  This unassuming-looking entry system can be programmed for touch-entry (long-term or temporary).  The beauty of it is that there is an option to use a key should the technology malfunction.

Through the Kevo app, homeowners can monitor comings and goings; this is especially helpful for keeping an eye on children who get home before their parents do.

Lightinsmarthome6g the Way: Leviton DZMX Z-Wave Light Dimmer

The Leviton DZMX Z-Wave Light Dimmer is yet another innovation that merges security, convenience, and luxury.  The wall feature comes in a few different shades, which makes it easy to match existing décor.  With the Leviton D-Wave Light Dimmer, users can monitor usage, turn on and off lights, and program lighting features.

This product also works with Leviton’s other Z-Wave products including security systems, remote entry, and other hubs.

Want Surveillance? Get a Canary

The Canary ($250) offers the convensmarthome7ience of two most-desired qualities in one unit: not only does is monitor for security, but it also monitors for other home hazards (like carbon monoxide).  While other reputable companies make devices that monitor for these things, the Canary takes the cake. The Canary includes:

  • HD video camera
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Motion detector
  • Microphone

Canary settings can be updated to reflect the home’s occupancy status. This security device is especially smart for property owners who may not reside at the home full-time or who have vacated the home to sell it.  The Canary provides alerts when a threat is detected.

Thus, when equipping a home with the smart technologies that are most likely to provide a return on investment or to provide the best quality of user exrsz_smarthome1perience, look for gadgets that guarantee:
Convenience & accessibility
Energy efficiency

Not only do smart home innovations make homes more economical to operate, they are also becoming increasingly popular among young buyers, so why not make an already wonderful home smarter?

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