Though it doesn’t take much to get a 30A beach home summer ready, it can be somewhat consuming. By planning ahead, creating a checklist, and getting the right service providers to investigate the property early, property owners can guarantee their beach house is in tip-top shape for the summer season.

Beach Home Readiness 101: From Spring to Summer Residents of 30A know that spring morphs into summer fairly quickly and comparatively early.  While spring technical starts in March, 30A residents are typically alreasummer3dy enjoying sunny days with temperatures peaking in the 70s (and sometimes 80s).

By May, temperatures are consistently warm (and warming yet still); given the summer doesn’t officially start until after Memorial Day for Florida Gulf Coast beach residents (and technically not until June for everyone else), there are still a few things 30A homeowners should do to ready their personal residences or rental properties for the summer crush.

Property owners should start by making a checklist of things they need and would like to do inside and out.  Creating a checklist helps people stay organized; additionally, it helps prioritize what needs to be done first (for example, damaged appliances or structural issues should definitely take precedence).

Summer-Proof the Inside & Outside

While sand, sun, and saltwater are three prevailing reasons for owning property on 30A, they are also some of the harsher elements impacting your property.  They cause paint and seals on homes, decks, and exterior furniture to show wear and to fade quickly.  Even when the property is not in use, elemental exposure can cause a home to lose some of its luster.

For other propesummmer6rty features like appliances and utility systems, lack of use can sometimes be more exhausting than regular use.  Thus, it’s important for 30A homeowners to get their homes summer-ready:

  • Have systems inspected: Get the air conditioner, water heater, fans, detectors, and other devices and utility systems checked and serviced; the last thing a homeowner wants is for their beach house’s air conditioning unit to stop working midseason while it’s being rented.
  • Run all of the appliances: Running all of the appliances for a decent period of time will ensure they don’t have any issues. Put a load of laundry through the washer and dryer; test all of the oven, grill, dishwasher, microwave, etc. functions.
  • Refresh the exterior: Not only will it add to the aesthetic appeal of the home to have it, the deck, patio, furniture, etc. painted and finished, it will also give the property owner a chance to notice deficiencies (cracks, leaks, etc.) in the property exterior and to repair them before they can lead to major damage.

Conduct a thorough assessment of the property to ensure there are no damages inside or out; check for leaks, foundational or structural issues, and test all appliances inside and out.  Again, the goal is to make sure the home is running like a well-oiled machine for the influx of summer traffic.

Landscape for the Seasonsummer4

While most 30A homeowners don’t have to worry about lawns, they do have trees and shrubbery that comprise the local landscape.  Take the time to trim plants, trees, and bushes that have grown up during the spring.  Additionally, May is the time to swap potted plants; anything that was planted during the early spring should be replaced with something capable of enduring the heat and that ideally need little attention.


Decorate Accordingly

Lastly, the transitioning of the seasons a51 Green_20140527_017nd the promise of more traffic in the home merits a décor refresh.  The color palate for summer is generally brighter with more citrus hues; though, many like to keep things “beachy” and consistent with the Florida panhandle’s emerald coastline color palette and stick with cool pastels.

Whatever the theme, refreshing the property with colorful accents gives it a vibrant lived-in look, which is appreciated by all (guests and renters alike).

Once the home has passed inspection, appliances have been tested, the exterior and landscaping have been cleaned and refreshed, and the décor has been updated, the home will be summer-ready.  There will be nothing left to do but to bring on the beach!

With powdery-soft white sand beaches and crashing turquoise ocean waves, 30A coastal living is a little slice of heaven. There’s nothing more wonderful or relaxing than the 30A beach lifestyle. For those who want to make getaway living every day living, contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and find the right 30A community and home to make those beach-front dreams come true.