home-reno-2How to Know to Go DIY or to Go Pro on a Reno

Home renovations are wonderful. They improve the property value while also making the home more aesthetically satisfying to live in. All home renovations are easier said than done, but some you can DIY while for others, you need to hire professionals. There are several factors including cost, safety, time and effort, and overall finished project that should be considered when determining whether to DIY or to go pro on a real estate reno.


Factors that Influence Your Home Renovation Home renovations are beneficial for several reasons.  Not only can they boost your property value if done properly, but they can also make your home-reno-3home a more attractive and more comfortable place to live.  There are several types of home renovation projects from cosmetic (i.e., changing flooring, painting, changing fixtures and features) to technical (i.e., updating lighting fixtures, installing a new water heater, replacing the garage sensor with a smart system).  The list of home renovation project ideas is miles long.

When deciding to do a renovation or reno, people usually consider the following factors when deciding between going DIY or hiring a professional:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Safety
  • Ability
  • Overall return on investment

Most property owners put cost first.  Among property owners, Millennials will attempt to DIY projects more than any other demographic.  Most of these young property owners opt to DIY because of cost; however, another reason very well could be the abundance and variety of DIY guides available online.

Availability of direction and cost-savings are both great; however, thereare some projects that even the handiest homeowner should hire a professional to do.

Further, it’s important to note that other considerations like time, effort, and ability should be considered with equal gravity as their cost counterparts because:

  • Time is money. It might cost 10% more to hire someone to install those floors, but if you’re working 60 hours a week and have small children to be with after work and on weekends, maybe it’s worth the extra monty to just hire someone.
  • Home improvement work takes a lot of effort.You’ll most likely have to bid adieu to leisure time to get that work done.
  • Overestimating your ability can cost you extra time and effort, and can hurt your overall ROI. Getting into a DIY project that you lack the time and ability to do can result in sloppy work, which will lower your property value. It can also lead to unsafe conditions. Further, and most importantly, overestimating your ability can put you in danger.

Thus, for he sake of your own safety, your home’s aesthetics, and your overall property value, be honest with yourself about your abilities.

Good Projects for DIY

home-reno-4For the most part, there are projects that just about everyone can tackle on their own; those include:

Painting but you have to take your time. Painting is easier said than done. Get some pointers on how to really paint like a pro. There’s much more to it than buy paint, roll, and go.
Laying floor is something that –believe it or not—is doable for anyone provided you’re physically able and have the right tools. There’s lots of measuring and some math involved along with cutting (major tools can be rented), and things can get messy whether you’re working with grout or wood glue, but provided you have the patience and the back for it, you can DIY      floors that look like professional-quality work.
Changing fixtures. Fans, knobs, lighting, socket covers, door knobs etc….things that are considered cosmetic can easily be handled with a drill and the right sized Phillips head. .
Replacing cabinets: Though heavy work, cabinets are easy to replace provided you have a drill, a level, and a good friend or two to help with the lifting.

There are multiple other DIY projects that you can safely handle provided you follow directions (you can even replace your own toilets!).


Just Call home-reno-5a Pro: Projects that Can Cost You to DIY

Speaking of plumbing, there are also many projects that may seem DIY (like changing faucets) at the onset but that quickly become messy, costly, and even dangerous once you find yourself entangled with them.

    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Structural changes / home additions
    • Working with gas
    • Roofing
    • Handling asbestos

Pros and advisors universally agree these are projects that you should always hire a pro to do regardless of cost.  Think of it this way…when one of the costs of trying to DIY to save a few dollars could be a limb, your health, or your life, there’s no question to go pro.

So, use your common sense when renovating your home to improve the property’s overall aesthetics and your real estate value.  Figure out what projects are worth your time and effort (you may even find you enjoy some!) and hire the professionals to do the rest.  The overall result will be a beautiful home that you will enjoy being in and that you will take pride in showing off to friends and family.

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