How to Give 30A Buyers What They Want

30A homebuyers have distinct tastes and desire quality in their 30A investments. Above all, they want views, convenient property layouts, and adequate use of space. Owners with properties that lack these things due to either age or poor planning are capable of providing them can overcome such obstacles with the help of reliable local professionals.

51 Green_20140527_017Florida Buyers Seek Luxury Unlike most buyers, 30A buyers are luxury buyers, which means that they are looking to buy property that is capable of fulfilling desires (as it is assumed that the property will meet and exceed their needs).  So, what luxuries are most desirable?

  • Sprawling beach views: Though there’s a cap on how tall a residence or building can be on 30A, unfettered ocean-front views are definitely a covered commodity for buyers.
  • Spacious living: Not only do buyers want storage in the home (think kitchen space, closets, etc.), they also want the feeling of space provided in the form of tall ceilings, natural lighting, and light, bright coloring.
  • Logical layout: Economical use of space is a priority for property buyers everywhere, but it is of extra concern for 30A property buyers. Square footage needs to be used pragmatically; guest spaces should be private. Entry locations should be convenient (particularly for those sandy beachgoers). Essentially, property features should be able to be used to their maximum capacities. Buyers will consider how they will be using the property when making a purchasing decision; it’s not possible to mask the ergonomics of a property under the scrutiny of careful buyers.

In addition to these luxury want-list items, buyers also look for properties with distinguished and robust architecture.  On 30A, many properties are constructed with a charm consistent with the beach-house cottage motif.  There are a handful of unique standouts, which are well known to be architectural works of art and are therefore extremely valuable on those merits alone.

It is critical that any 30A property be constructed with high-quality materials and that it be consistently stylized.  In other words, if a property owner wishes to add a back deck, that deck should be both structurally sound and should be stylistically consistent with the rest of the house.

Thus, luxury buyers on 30A are looking for the “real deal”; they want a complete package –they want a property that offers an idyllic beach lifestyle resplendent with space, style, and quality.

Capitalizing on a Property’s Existing Pluses

Naturally, if your property lacks beach views or vaulted ceilings, there is not a lo03_Front_03t you can realistically do to change that.  Certainly, a lighter coat of paint or the addition of crown molding can help heighten and accentuate a home’s natural features; however, it’s not possible to turn 8-foot ceilings into 10.

What you can do to give your 30A beach house or cottage the luxury appeal desirable among buyers is:

  • Accentuate outdoor living: Even properties that lack sprawling beach views afford a beach lifestyle. Folks who spend quality time on their back patio or balcony know that after a few minutes of socializing, the landscape falls into the background. If your property doesn’t have beach views, hire a landscaping group to create an outdoor oasis so magnificent that your buyers will think they’re entered a palatial paradise. A water feature like a fountain or Koi pond will add to the delight and will distract buyers from the lack of waterfront views.
  • Lighten colors to open the space: Dark colors make spaces feel smaller while brighter ones make a space feel lighter. Go the extra mile; if the property has popcorn ceilings, get them scraped and painted in a complimentary color that further brightens and opens the space. An added benefit of this effort is that most buyers in today’s market want smooth ceilings.
  • Add fixed storage: Older homes may not have the storage of newer homes; however, storage can be created with shelving units and wardrobes and such. That said, before you start supplementing storage space, consult a designer as to how and where storage can be added to the home.
  • Change the layout: Structural changes can be costly (though not always), but space economy is a priority for any savvy buyer, and a home with poor space economy generally doesn’t fare as well as properties with a logical utilization of space. Changing a home’s layout is a great way to both modernize and to add space all at once. Consult an architect to see what the options are for updating a property’s layout to make it more functional.

Thus, when catering to 30A buyers, the key is to deliver tangible luxury.  Capitalize on views if you have them, and make the most of what you have if you don’t.  Highlight open-concept flooring, high ceilings, and storage if it exists, and find ways to provide it when it doesn’t.  When updating a 30A property to sell, make sure that any changes are quality updates; smoke and mirrors simply will not do for 30A luxury buyers.

With powdery-soft white sand beaches and crashing turquoise ocean waves, 30A coastal living is a little slice of heaven. There’s nothing more wonderful or relaxing than the 30A beach lifestyle. For those who want to make getaway living every day living, contact local coast living expert, Melissa Clements, and find the right 30A community and home to make those beach-front dreams come true.