How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent: A Couple of Factors that May be Misleadingquestion-mark-96286_1920   

Searching for the right real estate agent can prove to be quite difficult, especially when you are looking to make a real estate investment in an area in which you are unfamiliar. Maybe you are new to the area or you are looking to buy a vacation home in area that you aren’t quite native to – regardless, everyone has to start their search somewhere when it comes to finding the best realtor. There are some avenues that, while they may seem credible or noteworthy, could possibly be misleading in your search for the best agent. Are you confused yet? Let us explain.

Online Reviews

These days, a lot of people will quickly turn to the internet when searching for, well, anything – but surely when searching for a real estate agent. One of the first things that one may come across in their search is online reviews, which can be particularly misleading for a couple of different reasons.

Online reviews can be easily manipulated.

We aren’t saying that all online reviews are jaded, but they don’t always speak to the experience level of an agent – there is a blurry line between which reviews were left by actual clients opposed to friends and relatives of the agent.


positive-455580_1920Negative reviews could be motivated by ulterior motives.

When you come across a negative review of a particular agent, you can’t possibly know the entire back story behind the reason for the review. This can be potentially damaging to an agents reputation because, while negative experiences are certainly possible, some people may set out to damage an agent’s reputation for malicious reasons only.


In short, while online reviews can certainly be helpful at times, it’s important not to place too much value on those reviews alone. A good realtor will be glad to provide references to past clients and first-hand information is always the most reliable.

The Best Marketer

You know what I’m talking about – there are some agents whose face you see on nearly every corner and every billboard in town, and they seem to have grown a massive social media following overnight. Does this mean that they are the most knowledgeable agent around? While marketing can be vital to the success of any real estate business, it certainly does not speak for the experience level or knowledge of any particular agent.

  • There are many different styles of marketing, and different agents may very well choose to market themselves in a variety of ways.
  • In certain circumstances, the most seasoned and knowledgeable agents may not need to market themselves as heavily as a real estate agent who is new to the scene – experience and knowledge can very well speak for itself.
  • Marketing is a way for an agent to get their name out there, which is great, but it is up to you to decide if they are the right agent for you.

Our point is this – when searching for the best real estate agent, try not to let misleading outside factors influence your decision. Meet with potential realtors, ask for references from close friends and family, do the necessary research, and allow a realtor’s first-hand experience and knowledge to speak for itself. Chances are, your gut instinct will do the rest of the work for you.thumb-1013967_1920



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