With summer quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to knock out a few projects around the house. Completing your spring checklist will allow you to spend your summer days comfortable and stress free. Wondering where to start? Well, we’ve compiled a few simple tasks to complete before the summer heat.


Dust off that patio furniturehouse-923572_1920

All you need is a light towel and simple cleaning solution to wipe down your patio furniture. You’ll be happy you did when summer rolls around and you’re ready to lounge by the pool.

See through Windows

Now that those blustering winds of winter are behind us, take a little time to wash those outdoor windows. Window professionals suggest trying a squeegee instead of the common “scrubbing” technique. Scrubbing your windows simply moves dirt from one side to another putting static charge on the windows and leading to a collection of dust and dirt. So go ahead, grab a bucket, a little soap, and squeegee to achieve those model home windows.

Pressure Wash the Patio

Pressure washing may be time consuming, but the look of your patio upon completion is totally worth the effort.  Remove all patio furniture, décor, and potted plants before you begin the process. Remember to point the stream of water from the pressure water down at an angle and get to work!

garden-1290801_1920Clean out Gutters

Thanks to fall leaves and to April showers, your gutters are likely filled with leaves and debris that need to be removed before they cause lasting and more costly damage. While cleaning out the gutters, you should also check for cracks and leaks. This task should be done at least twice a year.

Tend to that Garden

Whether you’re doing a massive overhaul or just starting out, now is the time to tend to your garden. Plants need plenty of sun, water and healthy soil to grow. Springtime supplies the perfect temperatures to encourage your plants to grow.


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