The Gulf Coast is well known for amazing seafood, friendly people, and breath taking beaches. In recent years, the shores have been flooded with discarded items, from clothes to outdoor beach gear and even plastic bottles. So, we’ve organized a few simple rules to show you just how much of a difference you can make in keeping our beaches clean.


Don’t Bring Glass or Plasticplastic-bottle-606881_1280

Eight million tons of plastic debris are washed into the oceans each year. Debris is not only an eyesore, but it’s harmful to marine life. Make a difference by using recyclable bottles and reusable bags while visiting the beach. Remember to toss all glass bottles. Picking up glass along the beach is a hobby for some, but it’s a potential safety hazard when left behind. Implementing steps to eliminate these problems can lead to a beautiful shoreline and to healthy marine life.

Grilling Out

Grilling out on the beach sounds like a perfect day, but don’t forget to remember the rules. Only grill in designated areas. Also, know that leftover food can attract birds and other wildlife, leading to water contamination.

Doggy Duty

Dogs love the beach just as much as we do so, but be considerate and pick up after your dog. Leaving dog waste is not only irresponsible but inconsiderate. After picking up after your dog, dispose of the waste in a trash can with a fitted lid.

 Join a Beach Restoration Project

Sbeach-2342_1280igning up to volunteer or providing financial support can help in an effort to restore Florida beaches to their natural state. Members of the 30a community are needed to rebuild sandbars and berms, replanting, and picking up trash along the beach.

Pack It Up

Before you head home, remember to pack up everything you came with. Taking off without your umbrellas and tents can lead to a hefty fine, so remember to pack them up.


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