As the 2015 peak tourist season comes to a close, it is important to remember all that our tourists do for our community. Although we may sometimes find ourselves frustrated over long waits at our favorite restaurant, slower traffic or crowded beaches, we shouldn’t close out tourist season without recognizing all that the tourists do for our economy and community and give appropriate thanks.


Dear Tourist,


thankyou02Thank you for the jobs that you have provided for our economy.

You are the reason that we have so many wonderful jobs for the people in our community. By choosing to spend your vacations here along the Emerald Coast, you are helping us provide for ourselves and our families, and we are grateful for that.


Thank you for respecting our beautiful beaches and helping us to keep them clean.

Our beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the entire world and we take great pride in keeping them clean year in and year out. Thank you for loving and respecting our beaches just as thankyou03much as we do and helping us to keep them clean.

  • As a tourist, you may spend even more time on our beaches during certain times of the year than are able to, so we truly rely on you to set a good example to other tourists (and even locals).
  • Sea turtle conservation is another big reason why we are so dedicated to keeping our beaches clean, so by not leaving any trash or equipment out on the beach, you are showing respect also for the wildlife in our area.


thankyou04Thank you for generating income for our small businesses and local communities.

This area offers so many great shopping and dining experiences that sometimes, even for locals, it can be hard to choose where to go. Thank you for taking the time out to discover all of the great, small businesses in our area from restaurants and boutiques – you are playing a big part in helping these local businesses thrive and that is something that we take very seriously. The local businesses in this area are what gives it its unique flair and your support helps to conserve that. Kudos to you guys!


Thank you for your loyaltthankyou08y to our community each year.

We take it as a huge compliment that so many people choose to spend their vacations along our beaches year after year. We appreciate you first-timers as well, whom will inevitably become seasoned tourists, but those of you who are frequent flyers of this area – we appreciate you and you make us feel proud to be a part of a community that so many people love to visit.


thankyou11Thank you for constantly reminding us of how lucky we are to call the Emerald Coast our home.

It’s a conversation that happens frequently, especially during peak tourist season –

I’ll strike up a conversation with a vacationer (sorry, but the Hawaiian shirt was a dead giveaway) while waiting on a table at my favorite restaurant, and at some point they will ask, “Where are you from?” As soon as I reply with, “I live here,” their first reaction is usually, “You are SO lucky! What’s it like to live in such a beautiful place?”

I always leave the conversation beaming with pride and feeling like one of the luckiest people on earth. So, thank you for always reminding us locals to be thankful that we get to wake up each day in this beautiful place.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you – for all that you do for this area. We truly appreciate your love for the place that we are LUCKY to call home and we hope you’ll come back soon. Meanwhile, we are going to throw on a Hawaiian shirt and enjoy what we call ‘the local’s peak season.’



The Lucky Locals


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