As the dog days of summer are drawing near, potential buyers will not let the heat keep them in. They will still be out looking and they will be armed and ready to make an offer. The temperature isn’t the only thing that can be hot in the summer – the real estate market can be pretty hot in the summer months as well. So, if you’ve been teetering on the edge of whether or not to take the plunge in selling your home, this summer could be the perfect time to get started. Let’s talk about some reasons why selling a home in the summer can be a good thing.

Summer is a Good Transition Timebeach-1192125_1920

With school being out, summer can be an easier time to make the transition into a new home. It seems that everyone’s schedules become a little more flexible during the summer months and selling a home is something that requires a certain amount of time and energy devoted to it. What better time to get your home sold and moved into a new one before the new school year starts?


Summer Weather Means More Open House Traffic

There is just something about warmer weather that inspires people to get out and do something – even if that something is taking a drive with the sunroof open and hitting every open house they come to. Doesn’t that sound kind of nice? Summer weather can make even the most mundane tasks seem more appealing – maybe it has something to do with all of the extra Vitamin D we are signboard-148895_1280soaking up.


There is No Shortage of Buyers

There are a lot of buyers surrounding the real estate market during the summer months. The reason for this is basically the same as the reason why the summer is a good time to sell your home – it’s a good time for transition. Summer is the perfect time for buyers to find and move into a new home, therefore there seems to be a surplus of buyers floating around during this time. This may be that your home may have more competition as well, but the odds are still going to be in your favor.


Summer Sets a Pretty Stage for an Open HouseHDR_34_Seaward_20151123_201

The grass is greener, there is an abundance of Vitamin D floating around and the natural lighting and open windows can make almost any home look like a buyer’s dream. Can you picture it? There are some times of the year that you have to get pretty creative to set the stage for an appealing open house, but so many aspects just come natural during the summer months. A little sunshine can go a long way – wouldn’t you agree?


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