30A offers exceptional fishing charters without having to travel very far. With so many choices of ‘catch,’ this is the perfect place to reel in a good time. You have the choice of Freshwater, saltwater fishing and, if you are a diver, spear fishing!

NW Florida is host to a number of tournaments, making it a great place to plan a vacation or just come down for a visit, and there are a number of fishing charters to choose from. 30A is a perfect destination if you love to fish, or wish to experience deep sea fishing. If you prefer to stay close to land (or even on land!) there are plenty of areas available for fresh water fishing. There is something for everyone, which many offer packages, most that supply licenses and permits. However, if you need to obtain a license, they can be purchased at the local tax collector offices, bait and tackle shops or retail stores such as Walmart.

When you are ready to start your fishing vacation it is important to keep in mind the following advice from people who are experienced:

1)  The longer you fish, the more you’ll catch: the longer the charter you book, the more fish you will catch.

2)  There is a difference between party, private and group charters:  Each comes with a different price and level of attention to detail. Choose wisely.

The least expensive is the party boat charter, which takes as many people as the boat will hold. This is not a serious fishermen’s choice, but rather for the tourist or family who just want to experience fishing in the Gulf and have fun whether they catch something or not.

The group charter is great if you do not want a crowded boat (and if you don’t want to pay the high prices of a private charter). It also is a wonderful way to meet new friends and locals.

The private charter is for people who want a private fishing experience.  Private charters have only around 6-10 people, and a deposit may be required for booking. This is great for the serious fisherman or the family who wants to enjoy some time together.

3) Check the boat out before you go:  Always make a point to stop by the boat a day or two before your trip, to see what is begin caught. If they are coming back empty, then you have the option of finding another captain.

4) Check reviews online:  It is always a good idea to go online and check out what former clients think about the charter and the captain. If the reviews are continually negative, then find another positively-rated charter.

5)  Rain Policies and Cancellations:  Do not make reservations until you have reviewed and agree to their cancellation policy. Some charters will charge you regardless of weather, so keep that in mind when booking. It is also important to see how long they have been in business, as the best charter companies have been around for years.

6) Price Check:  Cheapest is not always best; you are here to fish and catch fish. The majority of the charter boat companies are consistent with their pricing, so pricing should not be the main concern.

30A offers a great choice of Charters to choose from; it all depends on the experience you want to have. It is important to do your homework so the charter you choose will be a pleasant experience. Do not be afraid to call around and ask questions. Also ask the locals; they will be more than happy to help youmarlin1 choose a charter that suits your needs. Remember they live here, so their opinions are sometimes the best reviews you can find.

Here are a few exceptional charters on the 30A area.

  • Santa Rosa Charters: specializing in the backwater experience, whether you are an experienced fisherman or you prefer the land this charter will provide you with a fishing experience you will enjoy
  • Fishy Booty Charters: The Captain has more than 20 years experience under his belt,  and he also teaches scuba diving and fishing. You’re in great hands here.
  • Captain Phil’s Charters: If you do not enjoy long boat rides then this is for you. You are guaranteed to have a great fishing experience with a good amount of time spent on the water.
  • Paradise Adventures: This wonderful charter offers trips for up to 4 people. If you are looking for a riverboat adventure then they can accommodate up to 6 people. And if you are night person who enjoys fishing at night they offer wonderful fishing trips to accommodate the night owl. You do not have to leave the area to enjoy fishing, it is all here for you to enjoy. Just check out 30A Fishing Charters. There are a lot of charters to choose from that will fit your need and budget.

Want to ask a real local’s opinion?  Melissa Clementsis here to help you make Florida your home, and she will always offer great advice when planning your next great adventure.