Top 3 Ways to Find a Room with a View (It’s Not as Easy as You Think!)

Sometimes, there’s no such thing as the perfect property, but prospective home buyers can start living the beach life in an ideal community by knowing what they want, knowing which factors are non-negotiable and being willing to compromise on those that aren’t , and remaining focused on the future.

Most prospective property buyers can envision their dream home; they can easily imagine a charming beach cottage or a chicly customized condominium that features sprawling emerald coastline views.  They know they will be investing a decent amount to turn their dreams into reality, so many imagine it’s relatively easy to get exactly what they envision out of a property; however, the fact of the matter is that finding the right real estate in the right community for the right price (with all of the bells and whistles) isn’t always possible, which is why finding property with a view isn’t as easy as it looks.

Prioritize Your Must-Haves

When it comes to real estate, many buyers have a laundry list of “must-haves”, which are sometimes impossible to meet because the ideal property simply doesn’t exist in the ideal community for the buyer’s budget. Rather, it’s important for buyers to have a short list of must-haves and a longer list of desires.  Must-haves are the things that a property should have to be considered; desires are added bonuses but not necessarily deal breakers.  It’s best to have no more than three must-haves.

If you’re looking for beach houses on 30A with that postcard-worthy beach view, then that will be one (or possible all) of your “must-haves”.  Here’s an example of a few must-have lists featuring beach views:

room-with-view1Location as a Factor:

  • Clear ocean view from back patio
  • Five beds, at least four baths
  • Within 20 minutes of Destin

Cost as a Factor:

  • Clear ocean view from property
  • At least two stories
  • No more than $1.5 million


Play “Would You Rather” with Your View Desires

The more information your estate agent has about what you want, the better they can serve you.  Unless you buy a piece of property in an ideal location and build your dream view, you need to be room-with-view3specific about the view you’re looking for.

  • You may have to pick one: Though you would like to watch waves crash in from your favorite spots in the house: the kitchen, the master suite balcony, and the back patio, if you could only have one, which would you rather have?
  • There might be obstacles: A home’s configuration is not always ideally suited for you to get everything exactly the way you want it, so figure out where compromise is allowed. In other words, would you rather have a home that might be farther off of the beach or have an obstruction or would you rather let go of that master balcony view?
  • Bay may offer more options: Would you rather have all of your view must-haves on the bay or let something go to be on the beach?

The reality is that there is a house or property for sale that most likely has what you are looking for.  If money and community are non-issues in your quest for real estate with a perfect beach view, then you have less to be concerned with than most.

For most buyers, community or finances are impacting factors in their decision-making process.  On the other hand, if you are buying an investment property, keep in mind that the view is often something vacationers seek, so you will be able to ask for more money from renters.

Make Sure Nothing Will Block Your View

As you narrow the search and find homes that will fulfill your needs, you have to also consider the future.  You found a home with a beach view, but is it guaranteed it will stay that way?  Is the land between your property and the beach available for development and purchase?  If so, there’s a chance someone else could buy and build in your way.

Alternatively, is the land public property?  If so, is it possible for it to be developed or used commercially in a manner that would obstruct your view?  These are important things to find out from your realtor before making any commitments.

Once you find a home that satisfies your must haves, is in a community you like, and is in your budget range, and you have determined that there is –and will not be—anything blocking your view, then you’re all clear to buy and to watch the emerald waves crash into the shore.

There’s no view like the one of the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast from your dream beach home in a warm, friendly community. If you’re ready to spend your best days strolling along the powdery white sands of 30A, contact coastal living real estate expert, Melissa Clements, your personal guide to 30A’s real estate with a view.