The communities of 30A are known for being pet friendly – in fact, you are likely to see dogs at just about every corner wherever you go. It isn’t uncommon to walk into any given establishment along 30A and be greeted by an adorable furry friend. This is one of the things that makes the communities of 30A so unique, and the people who visit South Walton are drawn to that friendly community atmosphere. But what about the dogs? Let’s talk about why the dogs of 30A are so dog-gone happy, and why your dog wants to join the club.


6 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Live on 30A




  1. The Beach – Have you ever seen a dog’s reaction to their first time on the beach? If not, you are missing out. Dogs LOVE the sand – they are amazed by it. They see it in all of its sugary whiteness, and suddenly they are a puppy again, running and playing like it’s the best day of their lives – and maybe it is.
  2. The Bike Path – It doesn’t get more dog-friendly than having a 19-mile bike path traveling along all of 30A’s communities – just waiting for a long dog walk. This is every dog’s dream, especially dogs that require a good amount of exercise.
  3. The Community of Dog Lovers – There is just something friendly about the people on 30A – the locals and tourists alike. 30A people just love dogs, and guess what, dogs can sense that. A community full of dog-friendly people equals a community full of happy dogs!
  4. Dog Frienddogsrestaurantly Restaurants – 30A is covered with great places to eat, drink and be merry – and the best part? Most of them are pet friendly! No need to leave your dog at home every time you want to grab dinner at a local restaurant, because they can come along with you. Some restaurants will even bring your furry friend a treat and a bowl of water all their own! Some of our favorite are –
    The Hub
    Local Catch
    La Playa
    Marie’s Bistro
  5. Events Just for Dogs – 30A loves their dogs so much that they host events throughout the year just for them. Your dog can have his 15 minutes of fame in a local pet parade or a costume contest for dogs – you name it, there is likely an event for it.
  6. Tasty Dog Food Stores – 30A offers pet food stores, such as Furry Fanatics, that have the tastiest organic treats and food around, and your dog won’t even know they are eating healthy! They don’t stop at pet food either – you can get toys as well as an entire collection of 30A gear for your dog to sport around town.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you plan on taking your dog to the beach, make sure you have purchased a dog permit first and educate yourself on the rules and regulations.
  • If you are unsure of whether or not an establishment along 30A is dog friendly or not, you can always call and ask, or check the Dogs of 30A website.

If your pet’s opinion is just as important as your own when considering buying a new home and choosing a new community to live in – we are willing to bet that your dog would be pretty doggone happy to live in any of the communities along 30A. Are you going to make him beg?
Are you ready to make the move to one of the beautiful communities of 30A? Whether you are a dog-lover or not, Melissa Clements can help you find your perfect place. Melissa has years of experience helping people (and their dogs) find their happy place – contact her today and get one step closer to living the good life on 30A!