The Best Place for Lovers to Stay on 30A

Cozy walkways and quiet seaside towns where watching the waves roll in make for a perfectly acceptable afternoon schedule certainly set the scene for a romantic getaway. While many Santa Rosa Beach communities are ideally charming for romance, the Seaside Honeymoon Cottages take the cake for where lovers should stay on 30A.

The Best Place for Lovers to Stay on 30A Between Destin and Panama City runs an intimate stretch of beachfront highway popularly known as 30A.  On 30A, the big city neon lights and towering condominiums fade into tidy beach cottages, farmers markets, and locally owned restaurants.  Divided into a series of distinct community, each area of 30A is distinguished by its own vibe, its own local culture, and its own appeal.

Whlovers02en it comes to finding places for romance on 30A, options abound for within every community; however, if you’re looking for a true lovebird’s getaway, then there’s no place like the Beachfront “Honeymoon” Cottages in Seaside on 30A.

Why They’re Called the Honeymoon Cottages

Even the history of the Honeymoon Cottages is a little romantic.  Architect Scott Merrill earned his degree from the University of Virginia in the timeless City of Charlottesville.  When Merrill was selected to create a series of honeymoon cottages for the then-developing Seaside, he drew inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s designs, which are prevalent throughout the UVA campus.

Specifically, Merrill chose Jefferson’s honeymoon cottage as a model for the Seaside Beachfront (Honeymoon) Cottages design.  The ending result was a series of identical, two-story shotgun cottages that face the ocean.  When you wake up every day sipping coffee and snuggling with your one and only as you watch the sunrise over the sparkling emerald Florida Gulf Coast, you’ll see how Merrill transported that whole “Virginia is for Lovers” concept to Seaside.

Love is Alive in Seaside

Of course, the loving feeling in Seaside stems from more than emerald green and turquoise Florida panhandle coastlines and from charming two-story beachfront cottages.  It also descends from the charm and convenience afforded by the Seaside community.

Recently deemed one of the 16 sexiest beaches in America by, it seems that there’s more to charm lovebirds in Seaside than exquisite oceanfront real estate.

  • The “At Your Leisure” Lifestyle – Seaside was designed with a New Urbanist concept in which everything is within walking distance of any resident, so food, shopping, groceries, and entertainment are all a literal hop, skip, and a jump away. When in Seaside, you and your paramour are a secluded garden pathway away from some of the most pleasurable casual dining in Seaside such as Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar.
  • Cycling for Two – Tree-lined trails throughout 30A and bike-friendly sidewalks are perfect for creating charming memories and of playing the part of a romance movie power couple where you ride your matching Schwinns into thlovers-04e sunset only to live happily every after.
  • Wining & Dining – There are many delectable restaurants on 30A, but the Seaside community is peppered with delectable restaurants and bars, which are perfect for hanging out or for having a date night; the best part is, you can walk home, so no need to pass on that second glass of wine.

Couples can idle away the days biking along the nature trails, grabbing a bite from an Airstream pop-up style restaurant, watching a performance in the park at the town square amphitheater, or sitting on their cottage’s own back porch watching the waves roll in and the minutes tick by.  In Seaside, it’s the convenience, that little bit of everything, and –of course—the Honeymoon Cottages that make this community the best setting for lovers on 30A.  In Seaside, time stands still for love, and it’s wonderful.

The crystal clear waves of the Emerald Florida Gulf Coast crashing into the sugar white sand shoreline paired with the historic charm of the beachside honeymoon cottages of Seaside make Seaside the best 30A community for lovers. Of course, if you’re looking for something permanent to fall in love with, there’s also Watercolor, Alys Beach, and others. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, let local real estate expert, Melissa Clements, match you up with the property of your dreams.