There are certain qualities that buyers look for when searching for a real estate agent. Buying and selling a home or property is one of the biggest decisions and transactions that one makes, so it is important to find a real estate agent who is experienced, reliable and that you are compatible with. Here is a list of some qualities that every buyer looks for in a real estate agent.


qualities04Frequent Communication

Communication between you and your agent is crucial for a successful listing. For most buyers, a property is the most significant financial investment they will ever make and it is also an emotional decision. Having an agent that will hear all of your concerns and respond to them fully in a timely manner can make all the difference.


Area Familiarity

It is important that your real estate agent be very familiar with all of the surrounding areas and communities near you. Without this knowledge, an agent will not be able to properly meet your needs for buying or selling property. The area in which a home is located is just as important as the home itself.

Honesty and Credibility

Of course you want your real estate agent to be honest and credible, but you shouldn’t assume that all agents possess these qualities. There are sharks in every field of work, so do your research, ask for credible references and do your homework. You don’t want to end up with an agent who has poor intentions or ulterior motives.

Network of Connections

An agent should have experienced roofers, electricians and general inspectors whom he or she can contact to get fair rates and no-nonsense perspectives for buyers. It is also characteristic of a good agent that they have respectful connections with other selling agents in the area. That professional network especially comes in handy when your agent can get access to prospective listings in the area on short notice.

Negotiation Skills

Good negotiation is the trademark of a good real estate agent and carries with it a lot of perks for their clients. Good negotiation skills make for good deals in real estate transactions and knowing that your real estate agent possesses those skills will allow you to fully trust their decisions.

Good Follow Through

There is nothing worse than having an agent who is constantly telling you that they are going to handle things and then never following through with their word. It is important to have an agent who makes good on their word and follows through with the tasks that are asked of them. What good is an agent who is ‘all talk’ and ‘no walk?’ Not much good at all.

Good Understanding of threalestatemarketse Local Real Estate Market

Buyers want their agent to understand what the market has to offer at any given time. They should be well versed in the varying school systems, municipal taxes, crime rates and so on for any given neighborhood. A good real estate agent should also have detailed knowledge of all of the listings in a particular area, not just their own, for comparison purposes and to know what makes each listing unique from the others in the neighborhood.

Good Listener

Last, but certainly not least on our list of real estate agent qualities, is being a good listener. This quality is so important because if an agent doesn’t full understand your wants and needs, they can’t possibly lead you in the right direction and give you sound advice. A good real estate agent listens to and absorbs all that you say and the proof will be in how they utilize that information.

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