Let me start by stating for the record, when I say “Spring Break renters,” I’m not talking about the crazy college kids looking for a party house – I’m talking about the families who choose to spend their Spring Break vacation in your home, along our beautiful South Walton beaches. There are certain things that need to be done to prep your beach home for rental season, but even more than that, there are things that you can do to go the extra mile to making your renters feel ‘at home’ during their stay.

Provide renters with a welcoming gift basketGift Basket

Please your guests when they first arrive by putting together a gift basket full of specialty items that are unique to our area. Things like homemade soaps and candles from the various farmer’s markets, local magazines that will provide them with local information, a list of your personal favorite hot spots along 30A, or anything that you feel will provide guests with a warm welcome.

Stock the fridge with at least a few things

You don’t have to provide a week’s worth of groceries, but guests do appreciate to be provided with a few of the essentials, such as condiments, milk, juice or even cereal. You could even throw in something specially made by one of the Farmer’s Market vendors, to add a special touch.

file0001715519657 cards and games for the whole family

There are so many essential things that need to be packed for family beach trips that people usually don’t have room to pack things like board games or playing cards (or they simply forget)! And who doesn’t love a family game night? Provide some playing cards and a variety of a few different other games for your guests – who knows, they may discover a new favorite game that becomes a yearly tradition!

Provide a nice hair dryer

The women may be the only ones who understand this, but how many times have you gone on vacation and forgotten your hair dryer? I know that I’m guilty for sure. Some places will provide a cheap hair dryer that is more trouble than it’s worth, so step up your game and invest in a nice hair dryer to keep in your vacation home – your guests will surely appreciate it!

Provide your guests with beach towels and chairs

Letting your guests know that they will be provided with not only beach towels, but also chairs for the whole family can relieve the stress of worrying with buying or renting beach chairs when they arrive. That is a huge weight off of their shoulders – well, figuratively, not necessarily literally. There’s not much you can do to relieve the duty of carrying all those chairs to the beach.

Provide your guests with a rainy day planfile3651252092000

It’s hard to escape a week long beach trip without having at least one rainy or dreary day, so why not provide your guests with a plan for those rainy days and include it in your welcoming basket. What exactly is included in a rainy day plan?

  • A collection of classic DVDs
  • Password and access to Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming service
  • A list of shops and boutiques that are unique to South Walton and 30A
  • Directions to nearby movie theaters
  • A list of restaurants/venues that regularly provide live music

When you go the extra mile for your guests you build a sense of loyalty among your renters that will keep them coming back year after year. And you never know, they may end up deciding to turn their beach vacation into a more permanent one someday!


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