Video is making its way into the world of marketing as one of the most effective ways for businesses to maximize audience reach, and that includes the real estate business. Real estate is a very visual centered business, being that when it comes to real estate, people aren’t going to buy anything that they can’t see! Video can be used in many different ways for real estate agents to stay ahead of the game and that is exactly what we are here to talk about today.

Real Estate Listing Videospaperwork-1054423_1280

Real estate is all about showcasing properties and what better way to do that than by incorporating video production into your marketing strategy? The visual experience that you can get from a video of a real estate listing can far outweigh simply taking photos.

  • Adding a video to an MLS listing can set your property apart from other listings that do not offer video
  • Video can showcase the small details of a home that may not be captured well in a photo

Adding Video to Your Website

Incorporating video into your website design has been shown to increase traffic to your site, and for obvious reason – it sparks interest and captures the attention of your audience. With video there is so much more room to showcase you and your business in a creative way, which is exactly what your website needs. Some ideas for incorporating video into your website –

  • Personal or team introductions – meeting the agents of your business
  • Showcasing neighborhoods in your territory
  • Storytelling – tell the story of the most recent couple who you helped to find and buy their first home or tell the story of a historic home that is on the market

banner-1013515_1920Video Marketing + Social Media = Double Exposure

Social media has the potential to take your real estate business to the next level and video is among the most shareable content on the web – that sounds like a recipe for success to us! With the help of the right creative professionals, you can create quality video content that people will not only watch, but also share and this can significantly increase your audience reach as well as set you apart from your competition.

Video Trumps other Marketing Methods

Ok, so we can’t say that this is the case for ALL marketing because the recipe for success truly is the perfect mixture of the right marketing methods, but video is beginning to prove itself as being a necessity in order to stay ahead of the game. Video takes your marketing efforts to a higher and unique level that can’t be reached with any other outlet, so in many ways it actually does trump the other methods.

Video Offers a Unique Experience to Potential Buyerswealth-69524_1280

When it comes to a home’s listing, you can take as many pictures as your camera will hold, but you still can’t bring life to a home in the way that video can.

  • For instance, which sounds more appealing – a picture of the spacious backyard area or a video that provides a panoramic view of the backyard, complete with footage of the family dog’s afternoon romp? Yeah, we kind of figured you would choose the video. I could keep going with the examples, but chances are you are going to choose the video every time.


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