Depending on the market, sometimes it can take time to sell even a desirable piece of property. One way to expedite a sale is to stage the property. Staging enables buyers to see real estate’s potential, and when buyers can see potential, they are more likely to put in an offer.

5 Ways to Use Presentation to Make Your Real Estate Move

stagingchecklist3-Much  like interior decorating, staging a home to rent or sell is not something that comes naturally to many people; however, staging is a tremendously important part of making real estate move.  Solid staging can make months of difference in a property sale, which is significant because those months of inactivity are reflected in terms of dwindling finances used to maintain the property while it awaits a buyer.

Staging is essential in expediting getting others to notice a property even if the property is structurally sound, reasonably price, and located in a good area.  Having things placed in a manner that shows a room at its most attractive makes a big difference.  Clutter and empty space turn people off as they make a space appear small, or it gives people a better view of the space’s flaws.

While decorating and staging real estate isn’t something that is innate for many, as previously stated, many staging “tricks” can be learned and applied to your property, which will help you rent or sell faster.

  1. De-clutter & De-personalize

Clutter and personalization go hand in hand in a home.  For example, while you think that your home looks bare without the photos on the mantle, the prospective buyer can’t notice the double-staging6crown finishes because they’re too busy staring at a stranger’s (your) personal photographs.  Posters are also distracting.

De-cluttering is similar to de-personalization because like photographs, you usually have sentimental bonds with things that others might find busy when trying to visualize the space.  “Clutter” for staging purposes is things like:

  • Book or DVD libraries
  • Excess furniture (ex: an dresser or shelf used for storage)
  • Junk in closets
  • Kitchen appliances that occupy counter space

All items that are removed for purposes of staging can be stored in boxes in the garage or attic.

Additionally, while the home should look somewhat lived-in, it shouldn’t look messy.  Children’s toys should be picked up, and there should only be one or two coffee-table magazines on display.

  1. Address the Furniture

Furniture is part of what helps a home look cozy and lived in.  It also helps buyers visualize the space and how it can be used.  You want to arrange the furstaging7niture in the way that it makes the room look best.  This may not be the way you would have had it arranged as you may have your furniture positioned for optimum television viewing; however, buyers will not be watching TV; they will be trying to assess the amount of space in the room based on the furniture that is in it.

Another thing that is important relative to furniture staging is:

  • Get rid of excess furniture – Too much furniture makes a space look small
  • Use appropriatelysized furniture – Furniture that is too large makes a space look small
  • Add furniture if needed – Not enough furniture makes a space look bare and impersonal.
  • Use nice-looking furniture – If your furniture is old or is showing signs of damage, rent furniture; this helps the space look new, warm, and well cared for.
  1. Find a Place for Pets to Stay That’s Out of the Way

Pets are wonderful companions and while many potential buyers are also pet owners, not all are.  Pets can be distracting because buyers are either put off because they are indoors or they are paying more attention to the pet than to the house.  Though buyers might remember your house as the house with the Golden Retriever, that might be all they remember, which doesn’t do you any good.

  1. Clstaging8ean the House Before a Showing

When a house is staged well, everything is magnified –the spacious countertops, the flooring, the colors of the walls, etc.  All of the positives are accentuated, but so are all of the deficiencies.  Dirt, debris, scuff marks, pet dander, moisture build-up in showers, etc. are all things that diminish a well staged home’s luster.

When staging, it’s important to keep the house clean.  This is difficult, as many property owners don’t know when their estate agent will be by to show the property.  A way to make keeping the home clean easier is to start restricting what rooms and showers and such are used.  Vacuum and wipe the counters every day; clean the showers and bathrooms every few days.  This will guarantee that when your home is shown, the hard work you put into arranging your furniture and de-cluttering won’t have been in vain.

  1.  Don’t Forget the Exterior

While most property owners on 30A don’t have to worry about keeping a lawn cut, they still have to consider the property’s exterior.  Though the axiom is to not judge a book by its cover, buyers definitely take a home’s exterior appearance into consideration.  If you are selling the following will add to the exterior appeal of your home:


  • Clean and paint fencing and the home’s exterior
  • Use potted plants decoratively to add color and texture to the landscape
  • Trim bushes
  • Remove weeds and dead leaves from the yard area
  • Add (or clean) patio furniture with decorative pillows
  • Consider sconces or large candles to give the patio / porch area character
  • Don’t forget the back yard / porch if applicable

Your ultimate goal in staging is for your home to look like a model home.  While it might be bittersweet to de-personalize and to send the pets to a friend’s house while you are selling, keep in mind that effective staging will help you get your personal affects and pets back out and under one roof in a shorter period of time than if you didn’t stage.

Staging is a great way to take an already beautiful piece of property and make it shine like the sun bouncing off of the emerald Gulf Coast waters of 30A. If you’re looking to sell in the 30A area and want a realtor who knows what it takes to make a house move at the right price, contact local real estate expert, Melissa Clements, who will handle your staging and your sale like a pro.