The holidays can be a stressful time of year without the added stress of trying to sell a home, but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope! There are potential buyers out there regardless of what time of year it is and the holidays can be the perfect time of year for you to showcase your home in its best light (with the right home staging tips of course). Let’s talk about some ways that you can stage your home during the holidays to optimize its chance of selling.

Just Say No to Inflatables

“But, all of the other people in our neighborhood have holiday inflatables in their yard!” Well, if all of the other homeowners in your neighborhood jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? My point exactly. Here is the problem with giant inflatables from a real estate perspective – they take away from the curb appeal of your home. It’s going to be difficult to sell your home if potential buyers can’t even see your home through all of the inflatables in the inflatable

  • This rule goes for excessive holiday yard ornaments/décor of any kind. Allow the exterior of your home to speak for itself.
  • However, a tasteful amount of festive lights or décor on your front porch is actually encouraged.

Keep Holiday Décor Simple

Holiday décor can be one of the benefits to home staging this time of year if done right. The best thing is to keep the décor simple and use it to highlight your home’s best features. If you over-decorate it is possible for your home’s attractive features to get lost in the décor, making it hard for potential buyers to get an appropriate view of your home in its original state.

Keep Extreme Personalization to a Minimum

It is nice to have a family photo here and there to sustain the homey vibe of your home, but too many photos and personal collectibles can clutter your home and take away from its overall look and feel. When you are staging your home, think open and bright and free of clutter. It’s important to be ready for a potential buyer at any given time, even during the holidays.

ideas-for-holiday-decorations-2Take Advantage of Holiday Open Houses

Once you have your home staged appropriately, the next step is to schedule an open house. The holidays can be a great time of year for an open house with lots of opportunities to make potential buyers feel all warm and cozy when they enter. Here are some tips for a holiday open house –

  • Schedule your open house on the weekends, setting a more casual, relaxed tone
  • Serve holiday treats and refreshments such as freshly baked cookies and apple cider – the smell alone will lure the buyers in
  • Play some classic holiday music for your buyers to enjoy while touring your home, leaving them picturing their own future holiday memories in the comfort of your homeholiday open house

Tis the Season for Giving, Right?

Why not use your home’s open house as a way to encourage others to give back during the holidays? When advertising your home’s open house, note that people can also drop off items for donation to a charity of your choice. You can also go as far as to announce that for every person who visits your open house, you will donate a certain number of items to the charity of your choice. I’m feeling inspired already! Happy Holidays!


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