Retirement can be exactly what you make it. Seeking out new adventures, taking up new hobbies, or spending valuable time with your family can all be attainable. Planning your retirement is no easy task, which is why finding the right spot for this new chapter is so important.

Imagine daily lounges on the beach, live art shoes and scenic bike rides. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the lifestyle of many locals who are lucky enough to live in South Walton. Checkout this list of the top five reasons why 30a is the Florida Gulf Coast’s best kept secret.

Local shops and Live Musicaudience-868074_1920

What better way than to spend your day drifting in and out of local shops and enjoying live music? This is a daily routine for many retirees in the 30a area. The community calendar provides locals with a monthly music schedule alongside upcoming events. Shops cater to the beach lifestyle, and most are locally owned.


Nestled between Panama City Beach and Destin, 30a is a great escape from the main attractions in surrounding cities.


Breathtaking enclaves, traditional picket fences and perfectly manicured landscapes are all elements of this idyllic coastal oasis.

Local events

Drop by the Farmer’s Market on Sundays or Thursdays to enjoy homemade pastries, fruit, veggies, fresh bread and seafood. Not in the mood to buy food? Stock up on herbs or grab a bunch of freshly cut flowers. At the turn of every season, there’s something new and exciting to experience. Art exhibits, light shows, and festivals all happening in your backyard.

bikes-691042_1280Everyone owns a bike

One of many leisure activities include bike rides around town. Whether you’re out running errands or taking a walk around the neighborhood, you’re sure to pass a biker. Bike paths are scattered throughout and are popular amongst locals.

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