Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and, of course, you want to get the most out of your money. It isn’t a decision to be entered into lightly and the better prepared and knowledgeable you are about the process, the more likely you are to make wise decisions along the way. However, it is always recommended to have the help of an experienced real estate agent to guide you through the process. Here are some essential tips to consider when buying a home.

Essential Tip #1: Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loanapproved-160120_1280

Being pre-approved for a loan will save you a lot of time and energy in your home search because you will already know how much you can afford and how much the bank will lend you. There is nothing worse than running around looking at houses that are beautiful and out of your budget.

Essential Tip #2: Don’t Try to Time the Market

Stop obsessing with trying to time the market and figure out the perfect time to buy a house. Do you want to know when the perfect time to buy a house is? When you find your perfect house and you can afford to buy it. The housing market is like a roller coaster – constantly going up and down, and if you keep waiting for the “perfect time,” you may miss out on your perfect home.

stickmen-307531_1280Essential Tip #3: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The biggest, most beautiful house on the block is also going to be the most expensive and if all of the other houses surrounding that house costs significantly less, you may have a real problem on your hands when it comes time to re-sell. Smaller homes can sometimes possess a certain warmth and charm that you could never get with the biggest house on the block.

Essential Tip #4: Give Your House a Physical

Would you buy a car without checking under the hood? I sure hope not. Therefore, you should carefully inspect any home that you are considering to buy. Hire a home inspector and make sure that your real estate agent is present for the inspection. An experienced real estate agent will know all of the right questions to ask and can make sure that you are making a good investment.

Essential Tip #5: The Art of Negotiatingpersonal-95715_1920

Negotiating – just another reason that hiring an experienced real estate agent is a key component to the home buying process. What should your opening bid be? What is the property really worth? Your opening bid will set the tone for the entire home buying transaction and you have to make sure that you are factoring in all of the right things. There is an art to this process and your real estate agent is the artist.


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