Is your home ready for the holidays? It’s the perfect time to start getting your home ready for ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ From the kitchen to the dining and family room, make sure you’ve got all the space and equipment needed for a smooth sailing holiday. Dinner parties will be a breeze, family gatherings will be full of memories and laced with less anxiety, and your holiday cheer will be as bright as the star on the tree. Here are some tips for getting your home ready for stress-free, holiday bliss!

Declutter Your Kitchenfile000730696382

During the holidays, many of our fondest memories are likely located in the kitchen – helping with meals, laughing with family and dancing to your favorite holiday album while making holiday treats for everyone. That being said, having a kitchen that is spacious, yet efficient for all of the holiday activities is a necessity, especially when you are the one hosting family gatherings.

  • While you may not have time for a full on kitchen remodel, decluttering can give your kitchen a brighter, more open feel.
  • Remove countertop appliances that aren’t being used.
  • Clean off that darned catch-all area of the kitchen counter that everyone in the family seems to use as a place to empty their pockets and dump their trash.
  • Replace any blown lightbulbs in the kitchen to brighten up your holiday workspace.

The Dreaded Deep Cleanfile00083809082

Deep cleaning doesn’t fall on any of our lists of favorite things to do, but in the midst of holiday season it is important that you be ready for any impromptu holiday gathering that may ensue. Schedule a weekend at the beginning of the month and tackle the deep cleaning – just get it over with! Trust us, you will be glad you did as you watch the rest your to-do-list grow and grow as the end of the month draws near.

Guest Room Check

The holidays are about opening up our homes to friends and family and making memories that will last a lifetime, and you never know when one of your friends or family members may turn into an overnight guest, even if you weren’t planning for that. So, make sure that if you have one, your guest room is ready for an overnight visitor if need be.

  • If you don’t have a guest room, make sure that you have proper pillows and blankets and can offer up your couch or sofa sleeper if necessary.

Add a Touch of Holiday Cheer to Your Homechampagne

You don’t have to go overboard with decorations to give your home that warm and cozy holiday feel. A dash of festive lights, stockings hung on the mantle draped in garland, and a holiday scented candle can go a long way in making your guests feel at home during the holidays. Some other festive ideas –

  • Adorn your plants with an ornament or two
  • Replace standard hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen with holiday themed towels
  • Allow your pets to greet guests with holiday cheer, wearing their holiday bandanas


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