Spring Break is a time to get away; however, getting away means different things for different types of people. College-age travelers, parents, and romantic couples all have different ideas of what taking a break means, so it’s a lucky thing that 30A has a different community perfect for every traveler’s need.

Spring Break is the time of year to take a week away from icy winds and head south where the sun is always shining.  Among the destinations to take this much-needed reprieve is the lovely stretch of sugar white sands and crashing turquoise-colored ocean waves that is 30A.  Though best known for destinations like Destin and Panama City, there are other 30A communities ideal for a fantastic Spring Break because, after all, not every spring breaker has the same agenda, so you’ll want to determine your destination depending on who you and your travel companions are and your warm-weather to-do list.


30-springbreakFor Teens & Kids – Destin

Destin is a fun, beautiful, iconic Florida city with literally a little something for everyone.  Adults, college students, and couples can certainly have a blast in Destin, but if you travel companions include teens or young ones (or a combination of the two), then Destin will have a flavor that everyone can savor.

  • Golf – For big kids and little kids
  • Waterparks – Fun for the whole family
  • Shopping – Local and nationally recognized
  • Dining – Something for everyone
  • Nightlife – Not everything is adults-only

Of course, in addition to the “something for everyone” offerings, Destin also is home to some of the most beautiful, refreshing, crystal clear aqua-colored ocean tides in the world.  There’s certainly no age limit on lazing the day away on an inner tube in the ocean or building sandcastles on the beach.

For the College Crowd – Panama City

Panama City (#PCB2015) is as cool of a Spring Break hangout as Miami is, just without the South Beach price tag.  It’s well known that most college crowds like to roam the beach during the day and the clubs during the night (sleep: optional).  From beach activities to beach concerts to Spring Break club parties to celebrity DJs, Panama City Beach is where the action is for an of-age crowd.

With all of the entertainment, it’s almost not worth mentioning the luxurious condo and hotel stay picks, excellent cuisine, and pristine beach views that make Panama City such a hot spot for those who have already earned their Bachelor’s degrees.

For Families, Adults, & Couples – Rosemary Beach

If you’re perhaps beyond your own fancy-free college years but have yet to experience your child’s teenage years (or you’ve already experienced them, in which case, move to the beach already!), then any one of the three remaining beaches may be more your speed than the all-appealing Destin or fabulous Panama City.

The first beach that might be more your speed is Rosemary Beach.  With beach scenery that by any other name would smell as salty (and delightful), Rosemary Beach is a land inspired by an American-French New Urbanist Charm reminiscent of iconic cities like New Orleans, Charleston, and St. Augustine.

In Rosemary Beach, you can expect the best of local cuisine and shopping.  With a network of pathways connecting you to various parts of town and other communities in South Walton, you won’t even need to carry car keys with you as you experience the engaging charm of Rosemary Beach.  Spend your getaway holding hands, perusing shops, eating local cuisine, and lounging on the beach.

For Adults, Couples, & the Mature College Crowd – Grayton Beach30-springbreak2

To give you an idea of what Grayton Beach is like, the unofficial tagline is “Nice Dogs, Strange People.”  Grayton Beach has a Hawaiian vibe of “hang loose” about it.  It’s where –if you’re in college—your favorite band is probably hanging out during their downtime.  It’s the place to getaway and relax without the crowd that accompanies some of the other great places to Spring Break.

For Couples & Families – Seaside

Last but not least is the exquisite New Urbanist community of Seaside.  Best known for being the location where Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show was filmed in the 90s, Seaside is an idealistic setting where lovers can hold hands and laze about town and families can feel safe watching little ones frolic along the pavered streets.

Seaside is the kind of place that seems too good to be true and yet, in all of its café, shop, concert, and start-studded glory, it’s as real as the 30A high tide is glisteningly crystal clear.

The pristine beaches of the Florida Panhandle’s 30A stretch really do offer something for everyone.  Whether you’re a couple looking for a slow, quiet getaway or a fun, hip escape or a family who is trying to appease the young to the older, you’ll find that 30A offers something for everyone.

Grayton, Rosemary, Seaside, Destin, and Panama City are all great places to spend Spring Break, but they are all better places to live. Imagine waking up and sinking your feet into powdery sugar white sand every day of the week –that’s what 30A is all about, and when it comes to 30A, there’s no one more in the know than local real estate expert, Melissa Clements. Trust Melissa to be your vacation and relocation specialist.