Getting an offer on 30A real estate accepted is more involved than other real estate transactions due to the fast-paced nature of sales on 30A. Buyers who present serious, well-planned offers and who use the services and insider insights of a local luxury realtor have a higher likelihood of having their offer accepted.

3-offer-acceptedApproach the Seller as a Serious Buyer Some real estate markets move faster than others; given the unassuming yet luxurious lifestyle it affords, 30A is a higher-paced market than most.  This means that an available property that a buyer likes one day may be under contract the next.  Of course, not all 30A or Florida panhandle real estate moves with such expedience; however, buyers must be ready and committed.

Specifically, the offer that the buyer proposes should:

  • Be specific regarding finances: How will the home be purchased (cash or lender)? What is the amount of earnest money being put forth? How much will be supplied as a down payment? What are the expectations for closing costs and realtor fees and other fees?
  • Be specific in terms of closing date: Provide a window for closing, and specify if there are any concerns.1-offer-accepted
  • Specify contingencies: If the home needs to be inspected, note that; ideally, serious buyers will have already had the home inspected or been given access to the seller’s inspection report and will not have any issues proceeding provided the offer is accepted.
  • Clarify proposed price: If the offer is less than the asking price, specify what the rationale is; if the seller can see the buyer’s logic, they are much more likely to accept a lower offer provided the rationale is solid (note that structural issues or outdated appliances are more valid reasons to request a lower price than aesthetic issues).

Buyers who want a leg up should also consider including a personal note to the seller.  The added emotional appeal as to why the buyer wants the property can sometimes make a great deal of difference in the seller’s ultimate decision.

Be Ready to Act

If the offer is accepted, then buyers should be ready to move forward with closing.  Do not wait until your offer is accepted to get financing in place.  Depending on the nature of financing, securing financing 5-offer-acceptedcould take as long as a month or more; the seller could decide to pursue better-prepared offers if the readiness of the finances were misrepresented in the initial contract agreement.

Another reason for being ready to act is that it demonstrates a serious buyer; additionally, sellers are much more interested in working with buyers who have their ducks in a row, so to speak.


Work with a Local Luxury Realtor

Lastly, buyers should work with a local realtorpelicanlogo-transparent.  A realtor familiar with the 30A luxury real estate market can help protect buyers’ interests.

  • Realtors have comps: They can provide data to support a reasonable offer
  • Realtors have experience: They can help buyers make sure that they are ready when the offer is made; additionally, they can help the buyer consider variables if the initial offer is countered.
  • Realtors have insider information: Realtors know other realtors and can find out the sellers’ interests, which could help buyers who wish to personalize their offer.
  • Realtors know the area: If the offer falls through, a local realtor can help buyers quickly find a new property they will enjoy just as much.

Realtors facilitate all aspects of the real estate transaction from the selection of the property to making the offer to ensuring that offer is the one that’s accepted (provided that’s what the buyer truly wants) to overseeing the intricacies, legalities, and technicalities of closing.

Buying property is extremely exciting; it should be a fun experience.  Serious, ready buyers who want to have an enjoyable experience and who want to get their offer on a piece of 30A real estate accepted should work with a local 30A luxury realtor.

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