With crystalline ocean views and sugar white sands, the beaches of 30A appear to be too good to be true; however, there’s nothing fake about the gorgeous tree-lined B&Bs of 30A where the romance is always real.

We dream of beach getaways in postcards meaning we envision ourselves in those “postcard-perfect” beach moments –holding hands with our beloved in front of an idyllic scenery not overpopulated with the rest of the beach-loving world.  Though palm trees sway in the breeze along many a 30A beachfronts, not every beachfront is the idyll setting for snuggly romance.

Though all of 30A is set apart on the Florida Panhandle by exquisite, pristine sugar white sand beaches and crashing turquoise waves, not every 30A destination is fabulous for lovers.  One of the best ways for couples to enjoy 30A –aside from those dreamy saunters through the sand—is to pick a place to stay that captures the soul of the love you candle you’re burning on your trip to the beach.

lisbeths-b&bLisbeth’s Bed & Breakfast in Seagrove

At Lisbeth’s in Seagrove, you can stumble out of your cottage door and onto the white sands that will make you feel like you’re prancing on a cloud (if this is a dream, you really don’t want to wake up).  Practically unknown to most, Seagrove promises to be a private getaway destination.  Despite its secluded nature, expect nothing but the best:

  • Fireplaces to gather round on chilly nights
  • Exquisite views and decadent verandas ideal for moonlit strolls
  • Exotically decorated rooms

You also have all of the amenities of home like Internet access (great for making last-minute dinner plans or for scheduling a round of golf for a little daytime together time).

Highlands House in Santa Rosa Beachighlandhouse-b&bh

The gorgeous Highlands House in Santa Rosa Beach is more than a B&B; it’s a destination.  Weddings, showers, and dinners are frequently hosted at the charming, picturesque Highlands House.  With a café and bar on site, you may never want to leave the accommodating Highlands House B&B.

The balcony and beach will make for plenty of long, lovely moments with you and your beloved while the town –and nearby communities—will offer an easy opportunity to “step out” for a night on the town if you’re seeking a little more entertainment.  Santa Rosa Beach is a lively community in the heart of activity, so Highlands House truly has something for every couple’s pace.

Hibiscus Bed & Breakfast in Grayton Beach

The Hibiscus House offers a secret-garden meets Hawaii-style escape for those looking to embrace the island lifestyle.  Grayton Beach is known for being a ‘hip’ community.  The secluded, foliage-hibiscus-b&bladed Hibiscus house embraces that character allowing couples to feel like they’ve been whisked away to their own private paradise on a dime.

Picturesque and pristine one-of-a-kind 30A beach-views await those who opt to spend their romantic B&B getaway in Grayton Beach.

Not only do the accommodations at Grayton Beach –and at the other two previously mentioned B&B getaways—help the mood of romance, the delicious food and unique atmospheres also contribute to the get-away for two mood.  Within a short drive of any of the above-listed B&Bs is shopping, golf, fishing, outdoor recreation, and any other activity a happy couple can envision.

So, grab whatever shoes you and your honey two-step two (running, dancing, golfing, etc.) and head to one of 30A’s most romantic B&Bs for the kind of reconnection and relaxation you used to only dream of.

The beach lifestyle is the most romantic type of lifestyle there is. Imagine waking up and sinking your feet into powdery sugar white sand every day of the week –that’s what 30A is all about, and when it comes to 30A, there’s no one more in the know than local real estate expert, Melissa Clements. Trust Melissa to be your vacation and relocation specialist.