If you ask 30A locals what their favorite time of year is, the majority of them will name Fall without hesitation. Fall on 30A just has a different feel to it than in any other season. There is a peaceful, easy feeling that embraces the communities and a family vibe that takes over the hearts of locals. A family or intimate outing during the Fall has a completely different feel than in the heat of the summer. In a word? It’s just “cozy.” Here are some of our favorite spots to get cozy on 30A.

Grayt Coffee Housegrayton beach coffee

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Well, you don’t even have to be to fall in love with this whimsical coffee shop, conveniently located in Grayton Beach. This place is so cozy that you will feel as if you are curled up on your own living room couch.

  • In addition to serving locally roasted and organic coffee and specialty teas, they also offer delicious breakfast and lunch menu items that will have you coming back for more.
  • As if the shop itself wasn’t luring enough, the courtyard out back will leave your mind in a field of daydreams. Surrounded by weeping trees and beautifully strung lights, this is a spot that you’ll have to see to believe.

On the perfect Fall day, I couldn’t imagine a more cozy spot to get your coffee fix, enjoy a delectable breakfast or lunch, and maybe even spend some quality time with yourself and a good book.

723 Whiskey Bravo

It’s hard to think of many things that aren’t cozy about 723 Whiskey Bravo. Located in Seagrove, right off of Hwy 30A, Whiskey Bravo is easily accessible and always worth the trip.

  • Is it even possible to beat the ambiance of a rooftop bar and cozy seating areas that are complete with their own fire pit?
  • In addition to the cozy atmosphere, Whiskey Bravo is the perfect spot to watch football in the Fall. Complete with 15+ TVs, your team is sure to be playing on one of them.

Get your happy hour on and cozy up on the rooftop of Whiskey Bravo – we can almost guarantee it will become a regular stop.WHISKY BRAVO

Central Square Records

Calling all music lovers! There’s nothing like an old fashioned record shop and Central Square records has a certain eclectic charm and, you guessed it, perfectly cozy atmosphere.

  • Be prepared to spend hours on end thumbing through records, old and new, while humming to a familiar tune coming through the speakers or maybe even discovering a new favorite.
  • On the coziest of days, Central Square Records will feature live music by a local or regional artist, even further enhancing the unforgettable experience that is this record shop.

What is a perfect day without the accompaniment of the perfect playlist? Come broaden your musical horizons at Central Square Records and leave with a broader collection and a warm and cozy feeling. records music


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