Whether or not you are in the market for a luxury home, it’s always fun to follow the trends – it makes for great day dreaming material while lying on the beach and visualizing a life of luxury. What does that vision look like for you? The trends are always evolving and there are some classic staples that seem to always remain untouched. Here are some of the luxury home design trends for 2016 that may give you some new material for those days spent day dreaming about your dream home.


Statement Kitchens and Multi-purpose Islands220ShoreDr20151007_240

Statement kitchens have been a hot trend for some time now and we don’t see that changing, but it may be upping its game in 2016 with the addition of multi-purpose islands that will allow you to cook while also having a glass of wine with friends or even allowing your child or grandchild to aid in the food prep. These multi-purpose islands have great storage space, make for a beautiful display area and have vast counter space. It will quickly become the focal point and gathering spot of your kitchen.

Formal Dining Rooms are Making a Comeback

The evolution of technology has made it all too common for families to skip sitting down together for meals and instead sitting in front of the television or mindlessly scrolling through their smartphone while eating dinner. Good news, though! Formal dining rooms are making a comeback and families are making it a priority to sit down together and enjoy dinner, completely free of technology. These formal dining rooms will also serve as the perfect place for holiday dinners and entertaining guests.

HDR_34_Seaward_20151123_201Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

This trend is especially true for our area thanks to the beautiful Florida weather. Luxury homes in the Destin and South Walton area have been integrating indoor and outdoor spaces for quite some time and the updated trends continue to impress us with each new year. Many home owners in our area will focus more on the outdoor living spaces than the indoor features, because who doesn’t want to spend the majority of their time outside in this gorgeous weather? So, don’t be surprised to come across luxury homes that have outdoor living spaces that can easily rival with the coziest room inside the house. That’s the beauty of it!

Spa Inspired Bathrooms220ShoreDr20151007_365

Who wouldn’t want to walk into their bathroom at the end of a long day and feel like they just arrived at a spa retreat? Now that’s something that we can day dream about, am I right? A peaceful soak in a giant tub can be just as relaxing as a day in the spa – if you do it right. This realization has prompted many homeowners to recreate the spa experience in the master bathroom with a soothing atmosphere, soft lighting, unique vanities and a picturesque view from a large window. Trip to the spa – I mean, master bathroom – anyone?


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