The summer season can be a great time to sell (and therefore list) a home. While not quite as popular as spring and fall, there are some definite advantages to listing your home in the summer, especially here in Florida. There are always things to keep in mind in order to keep your home looking its best, especially while it’s on the market. Here are some tips that will up your chances of selling your home this summer.

Outdoor Tips

  1. Keep the lawn mowedlawn-mower-938561_1920

The grass is going to grow faster in the summer, so it’s important to keep it mowed in order to optimize the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Update or freshen lawn furniture

You want potential buyers to envision themselves living life in your home, and in Florida we spend a lot of our time outdoors. Make sure that your outdoor furniture is looking its best for showings.

  1. Consider adding a porch swing or hammock

A colorful hammock strung between trees or a picturesque porch swing can really give your home an extra personal touch to make it stand out from all the rest.

  1. beach-658072_1920Keep up with the landscaping

The lawn isn’t the only thing that grows quickly in the summer. Keep your plants and flower beds neat and tidy, giving the outside of your home a clean and fresh look that will appeal to potential buyers.

  1. Make necessary repairs

Give the outside of your home a good once-over and make sure that any and all needed repairs are taken care of. You don’t want potential buyers to be walking around making a list of things that need to be fixed.

  1. Declutter

If there are any porches or balconies that have accumulated clutter on the outside of your home, get rid of it. Clutter can be a huge turn off for potential buyers.

Indoor Tips

  1. Again, declutterhome-office-569153_1920

Clutter on the inside is just as bad, if not worse, as clutter on the outside of your home. Set some time aside to go through and get rid of any unnecessary clutter inside your home.

  1. Lighting is everything

Natural lighting can do wonders for setting a delightful ambiance in your home, so open the drapes and shutters for all home showings and make sure your home is well-lit for any late afternoon or evening showings.

  1. Bring in fresh flowers

There is just something so pleasant about a bouquet of fresh smelling flowers sitting in the perfect spot of a home. It certainly adds a special touch and gives your home a warm and welcome vibe.

  1. Keep it cool

We know how hot our Florida summers can get – make sure that your home is kept nice and cool for all showings.


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